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By Karl A

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  1. My 4 wood is a 917F2 16.5: Speeder Evolution 757 S, 42” / 78g; 2.7t. I love the club! What shaft would you recommend for me in the TS2 13.5 (STRONG)? My guess is a stiff shaft at circa 65-70g with 3.2-3.5t... Please give me some advice, preferably on a no-upcharge stick, thank you! But if necessary I pay extra for a shaft I like.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Karl, everyone's swing is a little different. Find a Titleist Thursday near you and do a fitting so you can see results of multiple shafts and get feedback on the TrackMan data.
  3. Go for a fitting... you may already HAVE the shaft best for you.

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