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By Aidan O

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  1. Hey everyone, I am getting some new AP3s and since they are slightly strong lofted, what do people play when you get down to the wedges. I think they’re will be a big gap in distances from my PW to 52 (my current lowest wedge)

  2. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    I have the AP3 48 degree wedge and Vokey 52, 56 and 60 (4 degree gaps). You have to choose your 14 clubs given the stronger lofts. I dropped the AP3 4 iron to place in two more Vokeys. I took 6 months of playing to validate my yardage gaps with my new set to make that decision. I hit the AP3 5 iron about the distance of my old CB 4 iron so that lead to my setup change. I place the 4 iron in from time to time and replace my 52 and 56 Vokeys with a 54. It’s really about where you have gaps if at all.

    Good luck and enjoy your AP3’s.
  3. Ev


    I’ve got same as Rob, the AP3 48 then SM7 52, 56, 60.

    I’ve gone AP1 4 & 5 and play a 16 degree hybrid between that and the driver. Never got on with a 3 wood...
  4. Brian Brat

    Brian Brat
    Ashland, MA

    I have a Vokey 48, 52, and 56. Bag set up depends on the course or conditions or both for the long irons / hybrids?
  5. As previously stated the Gap Wedge that comes with the set is 48 deg. I then added a SM7 in 52 deg, 56 and 60 degree to compliment the set. I know everyone has a different opinion on this. I like the way the 4 degree gap spacing works on my yardages. I am not very good at the half shots. It allows me to play more full shots until I get down to the 40 yards or less range. Then I can adapt with more of a pitch swing. Hope this helps!
  6. I've got a similar gapping issue with my C16's. My PW is 43 deg and my gap wedge is 47 deg. I currently have a SM6 54 and 260.04 Wedge, but this gives me 4 deg - 7 deg - 6 deg between my wedges, which I'm finding to be too much. In hindsight I should have gotten a 52 deg instead of a 54 deg and squeezed in a 56 deg or replaced my 60 deg with a 58 deg.

    I'm still carrying my really old 60 deg because our bunkers have a lot of stones which are currently being removed, however I ddin't really want to play new wedges out of them. They should be clean by summer (in Australia).

    I'm now thinking about closing my wedge gap with a 50 deg so I have 4 deg - 3 deg - 4 deg -6 deg. I can live with the 6 deg but when I replace it I will think about a 58 deg. That's a few months away yet.

    I would drop out my 3 wood to make way for my extra wedge, I don't hit it that often anyway. I don't carry hybrids but have a T-MB 2 iron for off the tee on short par 4's. I'm not worried about gapping at the top end, the difference between a 3 wood and 4 iron for me on a par 5 is only about 20 meters and I can get to within wedge distance for my third shot in on 7 out of 8 par 5's I play. We have 36 holes. If conditions are right I can reach some of the par 5's in two, sometimes even with a 6 iron.

    For me, the flexibility and shot making around the green is more important than my long fairway shots.
  7. Jason P

    Jason P
    South Abington Twp

    I just ordered a set of AP3’s and went with the 4-PW. Went with 48 - 53 (bent from 54) and 58 Vokeys. Can’t wait to get them!!
  8. JEFF R

    JEFF R
    Canton, GA

    I just posted in another thread that since I play a 24* hybrid, I was able to drop the 5i completely and go with a 1* stronger 6 iron. That leaves me with 48/52/56/60 in the wedges. Because I gained about 10 yards with the irons, it's no loss or gap to drop my 5i and start at the 6i.

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