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  1. Until 2009 i was playing weekly and got down to 10, then i had children and only played when time allowed. im now getting serious again and want to get some new kit. i have the chance to get 4-PW AP2 712's @ £260gbp or 5-PW AP2 716's @ £315gbp.

    any advice is much appreciated.


  2. Craig D

    Craig D
    Canton, OH

    I had a similar story but my play stopped in 1995 and did not resume with any frequency until 2010 (3 kids). I started back with my old DCI Oversize Black+, then purchased the 710 AP1's at the end of 2011, played them until 2013, then moved to the 714 AP2's when the price went down as the 714's were coming out. I subsequently purchased a set of 714 AP2's as I was interested in changing to a mid-low launch shaft and the deal was good. Feel-wise, the 712 AP2 and 714 AP2 were the best feeling club I have swung. The sound and feel at impact was perfect for me. I hit the 716 AP2 6 iron only as a demo both indoor and out prior to the launch of the 718 line as I was considering one more step. In my opinion, the 716 AP2 did not have the nice feel that both the 712 and 714 AP2's did. While all are multi-material, forged, the softness was not there for the 716's in my hands. I have subsequently moved onto the 718 AP2's with the same shaft as in my previous set of 714 AP2's. The feel of the strike with the 718 AP2 in my opinion is on par with the 712/714 and a softer feel compared to the 716 AP2. I am back to the 7 handicap that I was in the early 90's but do not really attribute that to the 718 AP2's, as I would be the same with the 714 AP2's. I think the combination of the shaft/head s optimal for my game along with the fact that I practice routinely and play both Sat/Sun consistently from April to November (and as much as I can in the winter). From the info that you shared, not clear what the shaft difference may be, but that aside, the 714 AP2 would be my preference based on my own experience.

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