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By Colton T

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  1. So....... history, then question..... bear with me?

    Finally back in golf after taking most of my 20’s off. But, while in high school, I had slowly built a decent titelist set as I saved up money. After playing 3-4 rounds a week as part of my high school golf team, I graduated, all my “golfing friends” moved away and I was stranded with no one to golf with. Fast track to this summer, life settled down, and promotions at work allowed me to golf more. Family and friends helped me build a set up again, mostly hand me downs, and I’m back up to a round a week at the minimum.

    Went for a Titelist Thursday fitting at Ravenwood GC with Sean Lalley and got fitted for the 917D2 and AP3’s. Sense I have purchased myself a 917D and a 917F (found one on a clearance rack after the TS’s came out, and after hitting it I could say no to a $100 fairway wood).

    My question is........ well probably one you are all sick of, but here we go.

    My miss with the iron is the fat, chunky, “stood up” “tried to kill it” shot. However when I’m not hitting it fat, I generally make good, solid contact, and stay on target (maybe a touch left/touch right, but I’m not usually in the trees with my irons). While I acknowledge the AP3’s are great clubs that feel wonderful. I can’t help it when I walk past the CB’s. I have to pick them up, address the ball, and fall in love all over again with everything that is CB. Am I crazy to even be considering them? Should I just suck it up and get some AP3’s (I know, I know, waaaaa me).

    Do you think you can grow into irons? My irons in high school were the 755’s and I loved them, but again that was many many rounds per month, plus a coach, my game is much different now.

    Still here? Thanks for any input!

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Did you try the AP2? They are a good compromise in a forged feel but more forgiving than a blade. Good enough for Spieth. If you can handle the cost, the T-MB’s are great. That’s what I play. Look and set up like a blade but hollow head with weighting to help with height and forgiveness.
  3. Kelch


    First off, welcome back to the game! A big part of playing well is confidence when addressing the ball, in my experience. Dale has a great point about the AP2s as they are much closer to blade size and shape but have the forgiveness. I assume Sean had you hit AP2s during your fitting, but if you didn't, I say go to another one and try them out. Hit the CBs too! I just did an iron fitting recently as well and can tell you the CBs aren't quite as forgiving as the 2s but it's closer than you might think! My numbers with the AP2s, CBs, and MBs were nearly identical. With your background in golf, you'll find a home with any set of fitted clubs you choose.
  4. Ralph C

    Ralph C
    Portland, ME

    I think you can grow into irons.
    Unless your clubs are giving you some sort of challenge, how are they helping your game to improve? My intention is to move into some MBs or AP2s in the next year or two. That's a club that, quite honestly, I have no business playing. But that's the point. If it takes me a lifetime to master, great.
    I, like you, took a sizeable break, and I'm very happy to be back in the game. I was once pretty darn good, now I probably fall into the hacker category, but that's fine with me. I've never been much of a numbers guy, at least playing for fun or by myself, it really is about enjoying the aspects of the game, for me. Whatever clubs fit how you see your game becoming, in my opinion, are the clubs you should play. Providing you're willing to deal with the learning curve, and are paitient enough to work towards your desired result.
    What challenges you? What inspires you at address? What club makes you feel you can do anything? What club makes you happy?
    The answer to those questions is the answer you seek.
    Best of luck to you.
  5. Quite a few people mix and match the MB's and CB's, as well as adding T-MB's for long irons. I use a T-Mb 2 iron, it's great. I went for C16's but I don't change clubs often so it was worth it for me. I also hit them close to 20 meters more tha AP2's.

    Golf is played between the ears and much as with the body. If looking down onto the top of the CB's makes you more comfortable then you are probably going to hit them better than a club where you look down will addressing the ball and go 'meh'.

    Also, if you really like the CB's but get another set instead and play a couple of bad rounds, you will probably talk yourself into regretting not getting the CB's and end up buying them in 6 months anyway.
  6. Justin V

    Justin V
    Milton, MA

    Hey Colton - Welcome back to the game and to the best company in golf! I play a mixed set of AP3 (4i 5i) and the 714 AP2s and love the setup. My philosophy has always been Im going to play the clubs that appeal to me, but also minimize my misses. this setup seems to be the sweetspot (for me) on both. I would highly recommend going through a fitting because the numbers dont lie (and its fun!). Keep us posted on what you decide.
  7. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    There has been no turning back since going to AP2s on the 6-8 irons. I actually got better distance with an AP2 8 iron with Project X 5.5 shaft vs an AP1 with DG R300 and both of these do better than a BH Apex Plus with #4 shaft by about 5 yards. I have a 42* 9 iron replacement (originally had a 695CB but this is much better).

    "Game Improvement" irons have a disadvantage vs a blade when it comes to hitting off a hard lie but do better in the rough. AP2 is a compromise and actually helps your ball striking vs an AP1.
  8. I've been a huge Titleist guy growing up and I've learned that what you get fit for isn't always the best thing for you. My junior year of high school I desperately wanted Titleist blades but everyone around me told me that I wasn't consistent enough to get them. I got fit for the miz mp-h5 which is a utility iron set but tried the blades out just to see if I could hit them consistently.

    A month later, I ignored all their thoughts and got the blades anyways.

    That year I had the best scoring average of all my teammates because I chose clubs that I loved and felt most comfortable with. Guess everyone around me was wrong.
  9. MBluth


    I am no fitter but I say get the clubs you want. From what I have gathered watching essentially every Mark Crossfield video is that so much about club selection is the look and feel because they translate to confidence. The only time I would suggest a real game improvement iron is when someone really struggles with club head speed.

    The great thing about the CB and MB is the feedback. It's so easy to know exactly where you are hitting it on the face. For me that translates to better striking because I know what I want to feel.

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