AP1 718 irons , please share your thoughts

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By mike roye

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  1. mike roye

    mike roye
    Katy, TX

    I am considering switching to the AP1 718 irons , if any of you have played them please share your opinions. Thanks , Mike

  2. I purchased the 718 AP1 irons (4-PW) earlier this year. So far, I have enjoyed the forgiveness of the irons, specifically when a shot is not hit pure. Compared to my old irons, I did not notice an increase in distance, however I have received a more consistent/predictable ball flight. Either way, if you are considering purchasing new irons, I would highly recommend a fitting to ensure you receive the appropriate configuration.
  3. Did you have AP1 716 as I’m playing golf after 14 years and want the most forgiving between the 716 and 718 irons. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks John H.
  4. Norm H

    Norm H
    Hollidaysburg, PA


    I've been playing golf for 61 years. I started with Wilson Staff and Hogan Apex irons. I went to Pings when they came out and stayed with them for most of my golfing life. In recent years I've played Titleist 710, 714, and 716 AP1 irons. This year I got the new 718 AP1s with Tense graphite shafts. I believe the 718 AP1 is the best combination of forgiveness, looks, and feel of any iron I've ever played. It's long and you have to make a real bad pass at it to hit it off line. Give them a try, I don't think you will be sorry.
  5. Thanks Mike. Really appreciate your advice. Regards John H.
  6. RTaylor

    Louisville, IL

    Hello there. I switched to the 718 AP1's this year. I was playing the 716 AP2's. Biggest difference I saw was that I was a club longer with the 718 AP1's, and found them to be more forgiving. Lofts on the 718 AP1's are stronger. I feel that I did give up some workability switching from the 716 AP2's to the 718 AP1's, but nothing so drastic that it has changed my game completely. I play an 8.7 handicap. Hope this helps!
  7. Thanks Mike. Really appreciate your advice. Regards John H. Thanks R Taylor.
  8. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    I purchased the 718s earlier this year, upgrading from the 712s. Like the others have said, they’re longer and more forgiving, while still having plenty of feel. I don’t notice any change in ball flight even though I underwent a massive shaft change, which is a testament to having an excellent fitter.

    Can’t wait to add the TS3 to my bag tomorrow. The order finally came in.
  9. Dro


    I would recommend trying all three AP series. You may be surprised which is best for you.

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