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By Logan S

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  1. Logan S

    Logan S
    Maple Valley, WA

    So this year I picked up an 816 H1 19 degree hybrid tuned up to 21 and oh boy I’m sure glad I did. I used to grab the long irons and pray that it would be a good shot. I looked at a few tips and videos on proper ball setup and swing for the hybrid. Hybrids are a game changer for guys like me that struggle with the long irons. My 5 wood has been collection dust because of the absolute ease and green and fairway finding the 816 has. Just curious if anyone else has switched their long irons out for hybrids? Now I’m about to snag the 23 degree. Why did I wait so long!!!

  2. ADeLucia

    Raleigh NC

    Glad you love it! play well!

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