Time for new irons?

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By Mark M

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  1. Mark M

    Mark M
    Downers Grove, IL

    Wanted to ask the group - is there a rule of thumb for when to buy new irons?

    I currently play a 710 AP1/AP2 combo set which I got fitted for back in 2011. The irons are still in good shape given their age (I play about 40 rounds per year) but I was wondering if I am missing out in any new technology with the newer models? I confess I probably suffer from iron envy too when I see shiny new models at the store! I do try to change my wedges every year. Any thoughts are appreciated - Thanks!


  2. Need for upgrade is up to the user. if you are comfortable with your current setup, then do you really need a change? I am a sufferer of new club envy, i update more than is needed. I think the biggest thing you will notice is feel and distance with a newer set, but distance is going to mainly be because of the stronger lofts they are putting on the newer setups.

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