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By PFlettrich

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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am currently a 20 handicap and having been playing for a little less than a year. I recently got fitted for new irons, as this is the weakest part of my game. Interestingly enough my fitting came to the 716 Ap1 and the 718 Ap3. My fitter is leaving the decision up to me. I hit the Ap1 more consistently than the 718 Ap3, but not by much. Both clubs feel good. My biggest dilemma right now is picking which set to go with. I am more consistent with the 716s, but i think the 718s will be better for me long term. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

  2. BCH


    Welcome to Team Titleist!

    When I first started to play golf I purchased a set of nice forged blade irons, at the time (circa 1979) for $300. I was probably a 25 handicap at the time. Not a lot of choices in player improvement clubs in that era. They were definitely too much club for me at the time.

    Quite a bit of money in those days and told myself I would be foolish if I did not learn to play them. Fast forward to today: maybe the best investment I ever made.

    You have made a great choice with Titleist as they have lots of good options wether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional golfer.

    Either choice you make would be a good one. I would recommend you buy the ones that offer the best long term value for you as a player.

    Good luck!

  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Being AP1s and 716 models, I assume there is a substantial savings over the 718 AP3. The AP1s are not like some of the super game improvement irons that Adams golf used to offer as senior sets. I'd take the better consistency today. Having the AP1s for the next 3-5 years won't hurt you. Being in the 20's is not a time to worry about the high draw, low cut shots that a true blade can do in the hands of a skilled player.
    That said, I moved from 716 AP1 to 718 AP3, but I was as consistent with both with a little better distance with the AP3. Could you use the savings for a putter/hybrid/driver upgrade?

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