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By DOstrowski

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  1. Tried too order at local shop and said not available too order yet...any clue when I can order the ap3 black irons cause everything I've seen said could order at shop and have by March 1....any website I can order from??

  2. SAVS

    Dorset, UK

    American Golf you can pre order for shipping on 28/02

    Hope this helps
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The only websites would be internet sites of brick and mortar stores. Titleist doesn't sell clubs direct. You'll need to pre-order them, although you can get fit for AP3 irons to specify shafts (TT has at least 3 shafts with matt black variants) and the combination of clubs (you are not limited to 4-W or 3-P sets). There is a limited supply, so getting to/calling a pro shop would be the best way to get an advance order in.
  4. I ordered my Black AP3 irons when the first email came out from Titleist. My pro shop ordered them for me from Titleist. I just check the order and Titleist said they should be in the consumers hands during the 1st week of March. Can't wait!!!!!
  5. Sean N

    Sean N
    Coshocton, OH

    I ordered a set ( 5 - PW) for my son through our local pro shop. They will ship soon and should arrive in the next week. I ordered them like 2 months ago when they were announced. Hopefully someone local can help you!

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