Replacement shafts for TS2?

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By PGibbons

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  1. I play the TS2 driver with Kuro kage stiff shaft. I had previously always used a regular shaft for my last 2 driver models... 910 and 915. I do like the driver but miss the feel of a regular shaft. Is it possible to buy a replacement shaft from titleist? I was fit by a titleist fitter and was between regular and stiff... went with stiff but now am thinking about switching back. Anyone have experience buying the shaft only?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You can have your local Titleist dealer order any driver shaft in the matrix, complete with grip and desired length. The dealer will quote you a price. The shaft alone could easily cost in excess of $200. At that time you may want to work with that fitter again comparing both shafts before making that choice. Shaft flexes are only comparable between the flexes in that line. There is no industry standard to compare flex ratings between different shafts.
  3. Ok, thanks for the advice... 200 bucks is steep
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You should verify a price with a local shop. It won't be $40 for sure, but the "list price" from an Amazon retailer was $225 for a blank shaft (no Sure-fit adapter) Golf equipment is not ordinarily essential, so the price can vary wildly.
  5. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    I have purchased a couple shafts from Titleist through Golf Galaxy and the price was in the $150 range (neither shaft was an up-charge shaft). If you start looking at up-charge shafts you should expect the cost to go north of $200.

    I'm guessing you have the KK Black DC 55 in your TS2 since that is one of the stock shaft offerings. Take a look at the Custom Options booklet to see what other shafts fall into the same launch/spin region as your current shaft and then look at the individual specs to see if they are up-charge or not. If there are any comparable shafts you want to try, contact your fitter to see if he/she has them available to try for a fitting.
  6. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Listen man, theres all kinds of gear heads out there in this world looking to buy/sell/trade shafts and all kinds of equipment. Its easy to spend a couple hundred on a golf shaft, but theres also some great deals out there. The facts are if you want a brand new shaft thats this years model and you buy it from your shop or a dealer, you're gonna have to pay the retail price!

    You can find great stuff in the classifieds at Golf WRX. Check that out by googleing. Also try eBay, someone may have a shaft you want to try with he titleist tip on it. Good luck man, it can actually be pretty fun to try some different shafts!
  7. I like that idea. Currently following a shaft on eBay.. hoping it stays low!

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