718 AP1 with Steelfiber Shafts

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By Larry F

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  1. A few moths ago, I got the 718 AP1 clubs with the stock Tensei CK Series Red graphite shafts (regular flex). I also got the Vokey SM7 54* & 58* wedges with the Steelfiber i95cw shafts - I really like the feel. I am thinking about putting the Steelfiber i70cw shafts in my irons but can't seem to fine any fitting shop in my area that have the i70cw shaft. Checking to see if anyone have any info to share regarding 718 AP1 with the Steelfiber i70cw shafts. Thanks

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The i70 is not in the matrix from Titleist, just the 80,95 and 110. Not likely there will be many that custom fit the i70 to a Titleist iron. Maybe someone can comment on the i80 or i95 in a Titleist iron. Although the i70 should be a higher launch option. GolfWRX is a site where there may be more tech geeks to respond to this type of customization. It looks like the material cost would be close to $60 a shaft plus local installation. The shaft would need to be a special order for your local shop and you might have to order a 7 shaft set (4-P?). As well as void the Titleist warranty. As an option, did you also try the TT AMT-Red shafts? I have them in the AP3 and I get enough launch w/o feeling whippy or soft like the light weight graphite.

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