Use old shaft in new driver?

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By Alan Y

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  1. I currently use a 915D3 with a custom shaft and I was wondering if it is reasonable to keep using this shaft if I bought a new TS2 or TS3. The reason I'm asking is that I'm happy with my current set up and would like to have the same basic club / swing feel but perhaps with some additional benefit of the new club head.

    Does anyone know if the club head weight is the same for the 915D3 vs the TS2/3? If they are the same weight at least the swingweight should be very close.


  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    If you go for a fitting you can hit both the TS2 & TS3 with your shaft which may help to answer your question. If the weight feels off the fitter will probably have a weight kit so he can adjust weight up/down as you desire. I did this when I was fit for my TS2 although as it turned out my 915 shaft in the TS2 head didn't produce numbers as good as the stock TS shaft offering I ended up getting.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Like Barry, I got better performance in the TS2 with one of the new shaft offerings than with the shaft from my 917. You always have the option to use your 915 shaft but you can't just buy a head. The TS drivers are different enough from the 915 (couldn't say that with the 913) that you should spend some time getting the maximum performance from it.
  4. I just went through almost exact same thing!!!! my numbers were best with the TS3 and the evenflow shaft, however I love my adilia (white) shaft from my 915 ( just standing over/looking at it gives me confidence] so I threw that shaft in. Backspin numbers when down (good) but so did launch angle(not so good). the fitter and I realized my old shaft was a bit heavier which caused the changes in numbers. What I ended up doing was keeping my shaft from my 915 but went to 10.5 degree clubhead (in the TS3), moral of the story, get fitted and try every combination you can.

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