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By Peter H

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  1. Hi...first post,so please bear with me.

    I might be having some brain freeze issues with the Draw/Fade weight fitting for my 917D2 and 818H1 clubs.

    It seems that for the 917D2, for a draw setting,the heavy end of the CG weight (+) should be towards the heel of the club...but for the 818H1 the heavy end (+) should be towards the toe of the club.

    This seems illogical to my mind...but then again I could definitely have brain freeze.

    Any definitive confirmation of why the two should be the opposite way round would allow me to sleep soundly...or have I just got it wrong?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Heavy end towards the shaft will always help speed toe rotation therefore easier to produce a draw. Same for any club and us old guys that used to use lead tape.
  3. Thanks. That's exactly what I thought,but the Titleist website shows it the other way round for the hybrid.

    Perhaps I wasn't as mad as I suspected.
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I see what you mean, i just looked at the website. Strange. It might just be the way the weight is labeled. Lay it down and put something under the middle to test which end is heavy and which is light. My new TS3 has a universal weight. For normal it has magnets at both ends. You double up the magnets to either end to produce the draw or fade bias.
  5. Hi...Thanks again. I've checked everything. The heavy end is definitely at the end where the way the arrow marked 'draw' is pointing..and the Titleist website shows it fitted with that end towards the toe of the club.

    In fact the website shows it in two separate an image..and the other a that configuration.

    Yet Titleist UK say it should be the opposite. Interestingly,the web review of the club (hybrid) also contradicts the Titleist website.

    I personally would appreciate someone from Team Titleist to make a clear and unambiguous statement as to which way round is correct.

    Sorry to keep going on about this,but I do now wonder how many users might have the thing the wrong way round.
  6. Looking in to getting some AP3’s. I’m not a very good golfer, but I love playing. Are these clubs too advanced for someone like me?
  7. A quick follow up. I called Titleist UK about this,and they confirmed that the heavy end should be towards the heel of the clubs.

    It turns out that their website graphic illustration is incorrect.

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