By SLounsbury

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  1. I was looking into getting some AP3’s. I’m an average golfer. Are these too advanced for my game?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You'll need to try both the AP1 and AP3 at one time. The quality of your ball-striking will let you know if you need the forgiveness of the AP1. Try also to use with a monitor. Even if you can hit the AP3 but the AP1 is longer, then stay with the AP1. I'm average (driving accuracy and bunker shots impact my score more than full iron shots) and can hit the AP2, but I'm also challenged on distance, and the AP1/AP3 were longer.
  3. We’ve got thunderstorms and will play golf this week. Thinking about AP3 my pro Graig Bowden suggested I try them out. Looking at 919 forged.
  4. Hi, you should be fine. I bought mine last year. They work very well for me. Shot my best scores with these clubs.
  5. I have AP3 myself, but that's what I was fitted for. I tried AP1s as well, and hit them just a bit longer that the AP3s. The numbers were close enough that the look of the AP3 was what won me over to them. (Both are great looking clubs, just personal preference here.) Had the numbers been drastically in favor of the AP1s, I would have put them in the bag. My buddy has a mixed set...AP1 4, 5 and 6 and AP3 7 thru 48*. It's all about what fits your game.
  6. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    The AP3 iron are great.Picked up a set and feel like this may be best for my game.I an 71 and still playing Titleist all the way.
  7. Hector P

    Hector P
    Foss park

    I play the AP3 very easy to hit and great distance.
  8. Just got fitted for ap3. Not the longest irons I hit during the fitting, however definitely more consistent and fewer miss hits. My distance from centerline on misses was significantly less than anything else I was trying. I am sooo excited for this season, and can’t wait for my ap3s with project x shafts to arrive!
  9. Has anyone noticed an echo after hitting their AP3s? I just received my new set and notice a distinct “ringing” echo after each shot. Is this normal? Perhaps it is just part of the hollow design?
  10. I just picked up a set of AP3s and hit them at the range and I did not notice that sound.

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