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  1. I have been a Titleist user for a while. I recently bought a 23 degree 818 H2 rescue (70 gm stiff diamana) and have fallen in love with the results. I have an old 3 rescue (913) of 19 degree with 82 grams diamana shaft, which is the one I want to change. But the Titleist is offering a 21 degrees and a 19 degrees 818. Now I don't have an option of hitting the club before ordering to check the distances. My confusion is if wether I should buy a 21 degree or a 19 degree one. What would be the difference in carry between the three. Just as a reference point, I hit around 200 yards carry with my 23 degree club.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    What is your next higher up club? If it is a 15 degree 3 wood that you hit about 240 or 250 that gives you a 50 yard gap, go with the 19 degree. It will will give you a 4 degree difference between your 8 degree gap. Probably will be your 225 yard club.
  3. Problem is, I prefer rescues over woods while hitting from the fairways. I can control the ball flight with them, unlike the fairways woods.
  4. Allen S

    Allen S
    Gray, TN

    I had the same dilemma. I ended up going with the 21 and setting the hosel on D1 which makes it 20.25. Split the difference between the 19 and 21. Provides a better gap with my 23.
  5. What was the carry difference between 21 and the 23?
  6. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Theoretically the difference in yardage for a 2* loft difference is 5 yards. Irons are spaced 4 degrees.

    If you are using a 23 now, suggest a 19 for the next club up.

    I had a 913H 24 and 27 and there was no difference in yardage, yet I had a 15 yard difference between the 21 (which was a 21.75) and the 27 (which was stock). The 21 was 180 yards and the 27 was 165.

    Just recently I got an 816H1 25 hybrid and it gets 180 yards. The 913H 27 with the same shaft gets 165. The 915H 21 with the same shaft gets 190-200.
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