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By MMick

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  1. Currently playing the 704 CB, looking at getting the 716 CB. I like the styling of the 716 better than the 718. what major upgrades were made from the 716 to 718 that I may miss out on? how many more yards can I expect to add to my game going from the 704s to 716s?

    Best, M.Mick

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    There are 3 sources for 716 CBs. Direct from Titleist won't be an option.
    1. Leftover inventory in a golf retailer.
    2. Used from the internet
    3. The potential for an internet sale that may be counterfeit.

    The 718s are what can be fit and ordered to suit your swing with the best shaft/lie/loft/swing weight tailored for you. Reshafting a used set is an option if you like to tinker. But would likely add up close to the cost of a CB 718 set.

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