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By Brian P

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  1. Brian P

    Brian P
    Avon, OH

    I'm a 5.1 index, age 57 and have been a Titleist man my entire golfing life, thanks to my dad who got me started at age 10. Fast forward to 2010: I played AP2's since their initial release. I have been through 3 sets. in 2017 I was looking for some added distance in a forged club, but Titleist did not have an answer for me. I just could not hit the AP2's anymore and was not a fan of the AP1. I ended up playing a set of used Bridgestone DPF irons. Really helped get my yardages back, but I hated not playing Titleist. Then, the AP3's were released, I was really excited. A little skeptical since they were not forged, but I was willing to trade the feel of forged for the added distance. And they felt great for a cast club. Great distance, dispersion, loved them except for a loss of a little feel.

    Then, I had a life changing moment. I have a Japanese friend who knows I am into Titleist and suggest that I look for a set of VG3 Irons from the Asian market. So, using his help, I tracked down a set and was really surprised! They seem to be a cross between the AP2 and AP3. Feel fo the AP2 and distance of the AP3. They are a tremendous forged iron! A great players distance club. The distance, dispersion and feel are unreal. They are now my in my set for good.

    The question I have is, why in the world would these not be available in the U.S.?! They are an amazing product. I get that the R&D and marketing investment in the AP line is big. But I strongly believe that the VG3 would outsell the AP3's and give the AP2's a run for the money.

    Interested in your thoughts.

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  2. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Personally I prefer the simpler look to the VG3 versus the AP3 and no doubt it performs as well.
  3. Vg3 japan are the best clubs period!!!....no disrespect in US market....i could have save thousands of dollars not experimenting on diffirents clubs thru the years.....
    i could.score.now in the sixties...
    thx u so much vg3...so so happy golfer now no more cursing...!!! just all smiles....
    getty s.
  4. I had a set of VG3's, thought they were 2016 but not certain, Mine had the small black center but not the undercut.
    Anyway I want them back!
  5. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I expect the new 2022 T200s will give you guys who like the VG3s so much, a similar satisfaction.
  6. No, not really. The VG3 (2018) feels much better and is more forgiving AND longer
  7. BTW, who forged the VG3 irons?
  8. Neil U

    Neil U
    Chantilly, VA

    Max c said:

    BTW, who forged the VG3 irons?

    Endo Japan
  9. gary w l

    gary w l
    syracuse, UT

    What are the lofts.

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