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By Richard A

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  1. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    Just got my new T200 irons 6 to W with AMT Black R300 shafts. Can’t wait to try them out on the course.

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  2. My T200's came today. I didn't get them on the course but I did get them on the driving range and HOLY CRAP!!! I'm coming from a budget starter set that feels like your hitting a 2X4. Now I will say I asked the Pro shop to order my t300's but they made a mistake but I'm OK with it. Yes the sweet spot is smaller but when you get it right oh mo god. The ball just flies. I cant be happier with them. Cant wait to put them to work tomorrow.
  3. Rob V

    Rob V
    Vancouver, WA

    looks great Richard. I just received my T-200 Irons (5-PW) that I had ordered about ten days ago. I couldn't wit so "broke them in" at the range this afternoon. I love the feel. I can't wait to truly put them in play. Enjoy.
  4. Still patiently waiting on mine since the 29/30 of Aug.
  5. Michael M

    Michael M
    Fall River, MA

    Highly unusual for Titleist to take so long. It might be a good idea to look into the order.
  6. killerbgolfer

    Tenino, WA

    Looking forward to seeing some reviews on these.
  7. The wait is over, New irons, hybrids, 3wood and driver all arrived today. Christmas in September, loving it all.
  8. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Lets hear how y'all like them on the course!
  9. My Golf Pro ordered my T-200 on 9/18 after my fitting. I was told to expect a long wait (3 months), because I was fitted with the new Recoil Graphite shafts. Hopefully it won't take that long because I'm playing in Los Cabos in early November and would love to try them out then.
  10. Anibal O

    Anibal O
    Vicénte López

    Anyone know if the T-200 irons are going to have any revision, the irons are excellent, but where they say titleist in the back, it is of very low quality, it is marked by having contact with the other irons. It happened to me and a friend who has the same irons, and you can see in the iron 8 some points that are the marks of having contact with other clubs of the wrx golf post 1775868/2019-titleist-t200-irons
  11. Anibal O, After a week of the T200 irons in the bag they are definitely showing signs of dents and nicks from banging each other. The face and sole are fine but the back of the clubs are extremely soft and will look "years" old within 6 mounts. I am not a fan of iron covers but it may be a requirement considering the softness and ease of dents and dings to the back of the clubs. Rather disappointing considering the price. I like the irons and hit them well but seriously not impressed with the condition they will look in a very short time span.
  12. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    I've had them for just over a couple of weeks now and used them quite few times out on the course. I must say they are awesome as far as control and feel they are very much on par with my old AP2 716's. Obviously more distance as they are four degrees stronger, but so forgiving and still getting plenty of spin. Took a little while getting used to the extra distance with club selection but otherwise no issues. Im totally satisfied with them.
  13. Steve L

    Steve L
    Framingham, MA

    I've been gaming the 714 AP2 since it came out. The newer 716 and 718 never really got my attention, however , I recently tried the T100 and thought it looked and felt like a worthwhile upgrade . The only problem was is was still performing too similar to my old 714. Then I compared the T200. Holy Moly! I love the thinner top line which looked better than my 714, it felt better, and it was more than a club longer. I can't wait until spring to have my fitting done at Manchester Lane! It's going to be a long winter...
  14. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Winter is always long an cruel Steve :( At least a new set of Titleist is something to look forward to!
  15. I placed my order for custom fit t200's as well as 3 vokey wedges on September 30 and they arrived today on October 14. They were actually in Hungary from UK by October 10th but not released from the depot until this morning.

    The turnaround time was quick.

    The only negative I can say so far is that the packaging was pretty poor. All of the clubs were loose in the box with no padding around them other than a loosely fit bubble wrap pocket over the heads. Several of the heads put holes in the box from being thrown around during shipping. No visible apparant damage anywhere - but considering the price tag, I'd have expected them to be better packaged for shipping.

    Picture of how I received them is attached.

    Overall they look great and feel amazing. I'll try and take a run by the course on the way home to see if I can squeeze a round in or play the first few holes.
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  16. I'm looking to upgrade!!! T series has got my attention. Don't want to make the wrong decision. I play ap2 2009. Inneed more forgiveness and consistency in my shot patterns. 14 handicap for now. Been back playing full time for about 6 months. Looking for any advice and tech savvy input!?
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