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By Allan B., Titleist Staff

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  1. Corey Gerrard, a current PGA Golf Professional and former competitor on the PGA Tour of Australasia, recently joined our team as the resident golf club expert. I asked Corey if he'd be willing to field some questions from Team Titleist regarding T-series irons and he's all in!

    We will always encourage a proper fitting (find a Titleist Thursday near you here!) but if you're in the research phase or looking to optimize a recently acquired set, you've come to the right place. Please leave your questions regarding T100, T200, T300, or even 620 MB/CB in a comment below. 

    Corey has carved out a few hours from his calendar on Monday and will respond to your questions then!


  2. SammieJ

    Rio Rancho, NM

    I am thinking of creating a combo set of 4, 5 and 6 irons with the T300s and then 7, 8 and 9 in the T200s. (I already have the Vokey SM7 wedges from PW to LW). My question is are the lofts complimentary between the two series or are they to disparate to make it work. For reference, when I did the wedge fitting I was fitted in the AMT black shafts. From an aesthetic standpoint, I prefer a smaller club head, but just looking at the 200 and 300s there doesn’t appear to be much difference in length, perhaps about 2mm. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  3. Corey G

    Corey G

    Great Sammie! We’ve seen a bunch of combo sets with the T-Series, across all levels of golfer. The lofts are very comparable. In fact, T300 is just 1° stronger than T200, though only through #4 - #8 iron. Once we reach the #9 iron and wedges, the lofts match up. This loft progression allows for a smooth transition between models for those looking to split the set and also provides the best opportunity for precise distance gapping at the shorter end of the bag.

    The appearance similarities are no accident either, our progressive set design also means that our blade lengths become similar as we get down to the shorter irons, again ensuring that the player has a smooth transition to the eye as they step down from one model to the next.

  4. SammieJ

    Rio Rancho, NM

    Corey, thanks for your response regarding a combo set T200/T300. I noticed just today just how similar looking the clubs are at address. Its good to know that I can mix and match for the best performance. Its probably time to change irons anyway, as I have been gaming the Titleist Tour Models (1990) for a long time now. They are great, don't get me wrong but age (my age) and technology are probably telling me to modernize.
  5. Thomas B

    Thomas B
    Old Greenwich, CT

    First round with my T200s and it happens to be at one of America’s greatest tests of golf....Fisher’s Island.
    Thank you Titleist for creating such a great combination of looks, performance and forgiveness. And they say that Disneyland is the place
    “where magic happens”....I say it’s just down the coast a few miles....
    Post Image
  6. Corey G

    Corey G

    Great place! Great position!

    We're glad you're enjoying your new T200's Thomas. We agree, they really do offer the best combination of looks, performance and forgiveness.

  7. Welcome Corey. Thanks for taking the time to jump in here. I have started to break in my new T 200's and love the look and feel. I made the decision on the 200's based off a demo day at a local club. Given my input regarding some sore elbows and shoulders we elected to put the Tensi AMT regular flex shaft in them at +1/2 inch and standard lie. My contact has been a bit inconsistent but not drastic. My miss hits are high and out on the toe. I am thinking a lie adjustment may be in order and would love to hear your thoughts.
  8. Corey G

    Corey G

    We can sometimes see inconsistent strikes across the face if the club is too long for the player. Length can dictate lie, so before we go changing the lie angle, let’s make sure that first we’re happy with the length.

    *Not a lesson, but my advice - next time you’re out playing a few holes or practicing, try gripping down on the club to see if this changes the contact. A shorter club should give you more control over the strike and ultimately the quality of the shot.

    Keen to hear the result!

  9. Thank you for responding. I agree with your suggestion as it has been one of the thoughts I have been considering. I will report back on my findings.
  10. How different is the ball flight/shape between the new C100 irons & my AP3’s ?
  11. I apologize if this is not politically correct but, Stephane I am now looking at purchasing a set of ap3's or the new Cleveland UHX irons. I am playing with DCI's now and was curious since you have ap3's how much did you like them?
  12. Corey G

    Corey G

    As a tour inspired iron, you could expect T100 to offer more workability and precise distance control.

    T200 is a Player's Distance iron, as are your AP3's. They’re designed for the player who wants distance help, without sacrificing looks, feel, trajectory or stopping power. Thanks to new Max Impact Technology, T200 is faster and more forgiving across the entire face than AP3, giving players increased launch, carry distance and stopping power. They feel great, and allow you to attack every green!

    I’d encourage you to try both, and with the guidance of an expert fitter find the right model to best suit your game.


  13. Hi Allan, I really do not have a question as I am presently saving to purchase the T series so when that happens I am sure I will have a question, Thanks.
  14. Corey G

    Corey G

    We're always here to help. Be sure to reach out with any questions you might have as you're heading into your fitting!

  15. I'm a 18 handicap, 72 year old who still drives the ball 200 yards and hits a 7-iron 135 yards with regular flex shafts. However, I don't think I'll ever play forged blades. Im not into shaping my shots. I'm looking more for forgiveness for an occasional mishit and the ability to launch the ball high and straight down the fairway. I've played with TM, Cobra and cally clubs and honestly feel they all play very similar, which leads me to the conclusion it's 90% the player, 10% the equipment.

    This being said, what set of Titleist irons would you think would best suit my needs?

  16. Corey G

    Corey G

    We’d always recommend players of all levels take the time to be fit with their local Titleist fitting expert. Early on, your fitter will help you establish what’s most important to you. For example, if looks and feel are paramount, then a starting point might be something more of a tour played iron like T100.

    If you place a higher value on maximum forgiveness, launch and carry distance, then T300 is the ultimate for consistent performance. For the player that wants distance help, without sacrificing looks, feel, trajectory or stopping power, then there’s T200.

    Ultimately though, then best way to find out what works best for you, and gives you the looks and feel you’re after, is to be fit with your local fitter.

  17. I currently play AP3 with ricochet shafts.
    Playing to 7.9
    My ball striking is still inconsistent and dispersion is troublesome (which I attribute to my balance, not contact)
    I don’t think T100 would be appropriate.
    What would the benefits of the T200/300 be?
  18. Corey G

    Corey G

    Don’t rule out T100 on paper, that’s the great thing about fitting!

    As we move up in number through the T-Series family from T100, T200 to T300, we see larger profiles, more technology and the ability to launch the ball higher, with faster ball speed and tighter dispersion. We believe that the quality of an iron shot must be judged in three dimensions: Distance, Dispersion and Angle of Descent.

    Both T200 and T300 feature Max Impact technology, which allows for better, more consistent distance. All of us could benefit from a more repeatable distance shot to shot, and either T200 or T300 would be a great starting point. In comparison to your current AP3’s, you’ll expect to see faster ball speeds across the face, matched with higher launch = more carry distance. You’ll also notice less offset at address, as well as a significant difference in feel thanks to the combination of Max Impact Technology and a forged face in the long and mid irons.

  19. Hi. I understand how Titleist argue for different lofts on the different irons (sort of). But I, and I know many with me, want the same loft on the same iron. Actually I want the pitching wedge to be 48 and then 4 degrees different going upward.
    Like in the old days. Could you pleas consider to make the lofts the same on all 8 irons etc..? Best regards Kristian
  20. Ward J

    Ward J
    Yakima, WA

    I am 61 years old and currently play the AP3 irons. What will I see or feel differently if I change to the T200’s? I have the KZB shafts now and play to a 2 handicap. I have a pretty flat golf swing, which makes me a little height challenged. Will the T200’s help me hit the ball higher?
  21. Corey G

    Corey G

    Great question, you'll both see and feel the differences.

    From a feel perspective, we’ve added a forged L face to T200, as well as a polymer core behind the face which combines to give a solid sound and feel.

    For looks, a progressive blade length through the set sees the irons become more compact as you head into the shorter irons, though leaving the longer irons to inspire confidence. We’ve also thinned out the topline and reduced the offset for an improved look at address.

  22. Steve L

    Steve L
    Framingham, MA

    HI Corey. I recently hit both the T100 and T200 and in store and found them to be surprisingly similar and a big improvement over my current 714 AP2. My spin, launch angle, decent angle, and impact feel were all about the same. However, the T200 due to the stronger loft was a full club longer. I did like the slimmer topline look at address of the T100. Would there be advantages/disadvantages of bending the T100's 2 degrees stronger to gain distance . I'll be doing my fitting at Manchester Lane in the spring.
    thanks, steve
  23. Hi Corey. First off thanks for answering questions here. I own 712 AP2 set of irons and and love them but considering the T300s. I am in the Fresno area and left handed which makes it difficult to even try any clubs before a purchase. I love my AP2s but would like a new set. My question is, are these irons as forgiving on mishits and or would it be more prudent to consider the one lenght since I have a bad back. Loosening up before the round and using up those swings before my back says no more is a difficult dilemma. I am a 15 hanidcap. Once I get 2 or 3 holes in I am able to really start scoring but as I get to 13 and on the level of concentration I have to endure over pain makes it extremely difficult to even par a hole. From that point I really cant afford to lose distance but swinging long clubs late in the round just offers a spray pattern I cant tolerate.
  24. Cdoc62

    Rockledge, PA

    Hi, I have an index of 7.0. I am currently playing the 718 AP2’s. I have watched several comparisons of the 718 AP2’s & T100s on line. I have not seen an appreciable difference based on Trackman data that was presented.
    In your opinion, what would I gain with an upgrade? Thanks!
  25. I hit the miz MP52 and looking to switch to Titleist. I would like to get more forgiving iron for 3-5 clubs and similar for 6-9 and planning to switch from Cleveland CG11 Wedges 52, 56, 60 degree to Vokey Wedges P, 52, 56, 60

    What clubs do you recommend for the Irons?

    Distances with the MP52 with a full swing

    regular steel shaft
    60 = 85-90yds 4 degree bounce
    56 = 100-105 14 degree bounce
    52 = 120-125 10 degree bounce

    standard lie and bounce - stiff steel shaft
    P = 140-145yds
    9 = 150-155yds
    8 = 165-170yds
    7 = 175-180yds
    6 = 185-195yds
    5 = 200-205yds
    4 = 210-215yds
    3 = 220-225yds
  26. Todd O

    Todd O
    Colleyville, TX

    Hi Corey - I just got T300 irons (5-P, 48) with Tensei graphite shaft (R). My question is whether it would make sense to get the same shaft in my Vokey wedges, which are now using KBS steel (S). Also, any issue with putting the Tensei graphite shafts in my “old” AP2 irons?
    Thanks, Todd
  27. I have owned the T 200 irons for about a month and I love the feel of these irons. I find them more user friendly than my two previous AP 2 Titleist. The T 200’s are set up little stronger than the AP2’s and I find that I hit them around a club longer with the same amount of spin.
  28. Donald D

    Donald D
    Kirkwood, MO

    Corey, I just came from an indoor fitting session. I"ve played AP2 irons for about 10 years. I am in my early 80's and will be obtaining a new set of irons. The best fit for me seems to be the T300 with an "A" graphite shaft. My handicap is still in range of 5-7. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions with this limited info?
  29. Are they going to release the T 100 to T 200 in Black finish?
  30. Darren C

    Darren C
    ., 0

    Hi, Current AP2/AP3 AMT white combo player, AP3 5/6iron. H/C 3, moderate swing speed. Feel that the 5/6 is a lot heavier (is this head weight possibly?). Not sure to just go T100 to 5 iron, or try split set with T200. But with lofts, I may need to have go T100 PW-7 and T200 7-6? As an additional comment, what pros/cons would come of having T100 1deg stronger through the set? Offset/spin or any other factors? If I am between clubs with yardages I do favour the stronger club and hit easier (In case this influences your response) thank you in advance
  31. Corey G

    Corey G

    Hi Darren, we’re seeing many players experience success from a combo set.

    You’re not alone in what you favor – we put our technologies where they matter most. That is, in the mid and long irons to help us with the combination of launch, speed and forgiveness.

    The easiest way to find these answers is to work with your local Titleist fitting expert. They’ll work to match your needs with your preferences. Generally, we like to keep 5mph ball speed between each iron. Maintaining this speed gap, along with a healthy launch will enable you to maintain the correct gapping between your irons.

  32. Lee N

    Lee N
    Bournemouth, WY

    Hi there,

    I play the TMB’s currently as an 11 handicapper but feel they aren’t as forgiving as the AP2. I like the look of the the T100 but am concerned they might be too hard to get to grips with. I do intend to get fitted but should I rule them out as a non starter or give them a go?
  33. Corey G

    Corey G

    Thanks Lee. My advice, give them a go!

    While the profile of the T100 is smaller and more compact, they pack a bunch of technology under the hood, making them very forgiving. High-density tungsten (plenty of it) in the heel and toe provides stability and controls CG through the long and mid irons. An improved sole design allows for faster, cleaner turf interaction as well, providing even more consistency for precise distance control.

  34. I am currently using AP3 irons with a regular shaft and hit them very well but I like the look and feedback about the new T range, which irons would you recommend I change to this December oh nearly forgot my handicap is 12.
  35. Corey G

    Corey G

    We’ve seen significant advancements in the T-Series over AP Irons Ken, though a natural starting place for you to compare AP3 would be T200.

    In comparison to your current AP3’s, you’ll expect to see faster ball speeds across the face, higher launch and increased carry distance, all with an improved sound and feel.

    You'll hear us say this often, though we highly recommend you spend time with an expertly trained fitter to find which iron best suits your game.


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