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By CNorris

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  1. Which new Titleist driver is the most forgiving?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Technically all 460cc with have the same forgiveness as mass is nearly the same off of center hits, There are some differences in weight distribution that will influence spin and launch angles. TS1 is designed to maximize those factors for slower swing speeds, not necessarily off-center hits. Only the TS4 is smaller, therefore less forgiving on off-center hits. My suggestion is always do a fitting to get it right. Anything else is just a guess. BTW, love your movies! :)
  3. Thanks Dale for the input. I’m new to the Titleist family and see you post a lot of great information. Thanks for comment. I’ve redrew a set of the new T400’s, but still waiting on them. Only been playing for about 4 years, and currently have a 17 HC. I’ve tried about 7 sets of clubs, but find my way back to Titleist. Currently playing the 718 AP3 and love them, but still think i need more forgiveness. I’m planning on keeping my AP3’s and growing into them, but cant wait until my T400’s get here. Have you had a opportunity or know of anyone that has played the 400’s and if so, any thoughts? By the way, I gave up acting for golf.LOL
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I think my buddy Don O has the T400 now but I might be mistaken. He will see this and post if he is playing them now. They are definitely the most forgiving and if you like a wide sole and maximum offset, they will be just what you want. I personally like minimal offset and a more narrow sole. That’s mainly why I currently play the T-MBs but might move back to T300 later in the year. Love the T-MB but just like regular blades, you have to be swinging well to play your best. When the social distancing eases up, doing a Titleist Thursday might help you decide on the clubs you are still trying to finalize in your set. Can’t emphasize the benefits of a few lessons from a good pro too. They will help see to it that you can enjoy most days out on the course. Good luck and welcome to the TT family.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    ...See my post on the T 400. Included some information on T400 and the TS1 for slower swing players.

    I've still played more holes in SD than in WI so far this year. The TS-1 was in the bag. Still had the AP3 there in early March - fitted for new irons the week after and the T400 was a definite winner for me. With the TS1 and T400's going longer, I'm using irons much more than before. It was driver - hybrid/fairway on par 4's and driver - fairway - hybrid on par 5's. I've already played a couple of par 5's with driver - 6 iron - short iron/wedge.

    AP3's have a great look and I have a set of Titleist Tour MB irons from 1980, but I score much better with the T400.
  6. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Having a fitting is best. That aside, I thin the TS1 is most forgiving, and then straight on down the line-TS2,Ts3 and least forgiving TS4
  7. Guys, I really appreciate all the comments and advice. Glad to be a part of the TT family. Don, I’m going to hang onto my set of AP3’s, just hoping i will score better and hit the ball better when the 400’s arrive. Thanks again, and hope you guys have a Blessed day.
  8. Nick.


    I bag the TS3 and theyre as forgiving as anything out there, and that is including the TS2.

    and to be honest, i have no interest in any of the other driver out there and i have hit the majority of them. In my mind, i already the best driver for me.

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