917 Driver Head Rattle

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By jonathan s

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  1. jonathan s

    jonathan s
    Indianapolis, IN

    I just put a new shaft in my 917 D2 and when I did this I unscrewed the weight port to confirm what weight was installed. I had to shake the weight out of the head as it was stuck and hadn't been removed in sometime. Apparently though there's an end cap of sorts on the weight that came off and it is now rattling around in my driver head. I called to confirm with a customer rep earlier but the weight port isn't closed so anything that goes into the weight port will just sit in the cavity of the driver head. I'm frustrated now for the obvious reasons that the weight isn't in tact and the driver head has a significant rattle. It's so bad that I would just break down and buy a new TS driver but since they lengthened the stock shaft to 45 1/2 there's a whole issue with needing to custom order one of those to get a head that can achieve the correct swing weight. Furthermore, I wanted to hold out to see what driver would come out later this year and likely update my 917 with whatever the 2020 driver would be.

    Anyone else experience this or are there any suggestions for me to resolve this?

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