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By ZGetsee

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  1. I currently use the png K15 Driver (10.5 loft, TFC 169D X Flex Shaft). I need a new one, there's no bones about it. I've obviously had it for a long time. The last two years, I've really started playing more than just a casual golfer might. I've obviously gotten better, but I cannot seem to shake a pretty powerful fade that I hit. I have some control on it, I hit about 60% of the fairways hit driver on, but I can't help thinking I could be doing better. Good distance, when I hit it, it's routinely 285-290 carry. Mishits are 260.

    Just looking for some advice for some other avid golfers before I go get fitted.

  2. Nick.


    The K15 is a heavy draw bias driver and if youre hitting fades with that thing, it can only mean only thing, your face is open at impact. You have to figure that out first.

    Try a TS3 9.5 driver, put it on A3 setting (youre adding loft and making it slightly more upright). Both should help shut the face a little more. Maybe even try a softer flex shaft,.. sometimes that also helps shut the face quicker.

    Those are just band-aids tho. Theres still going to be swing issue.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    A good fitter can also advise a tweak to your swing to improve the fade. At a Titleist Thursday you should be hitting a few balls with your gamer K15. My fittings have all been 3 parts equipment selection and 1 part tweaking my swing to maximize the fitting. The TS1 is more draw-biased than other Titleist heads and while the intention is to use lighter shafts for golfers under 85-90 mph swings, you can use heavier shafts - but leave that option to a qualified Titleist fitter to suggest.

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