From 716 AP2 to T200's

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By matt W

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  1. Just wanted to pass along my experience with the new T200. I've been playing ap2's for 10 years and in my upper 40's started losing a little distance. I was on the fence with t100s or t200 and after much internal debate I decided on the 200. I'm an 6 handicap, and know my swing and specs so purchased with clubs with AMT blacks and had the heads bent. I wasn't waiting on the 5 - 6 week order time due to this damn virus.

    First impression, the toplines looked like my 716's but a little larger head 4-6 iron and soles are wider than the ap2's. Overall they look pretty similar to the 716's at address. First range balls I knew they were definitely longer but I did have workability. I like to hit cuts due to the hard greens I play but could draw the ball when I wanted. The AMTs are a fairly stiff but very solid in keeping the ball mid to mid-high, just like I wanted. The turf interaction was good but going to be real hard to beat the ap2 there for me. The 200's have wider soles compared to the AP2 but never was an issue.

    Played three rounds last weekend and the clubs showed out after a rough start, mainly getting use to the shaft. Once I got a little more aggressive they came alive. I would say they are almost a club long but what did amaze me is when the strike was solid these things pierced through cross winds like no iron I've ever played, really really impressive. An example would be on my last iron shot of the weekend, I had a strong left in wind blowing around 20mph. I48 to the pin and I pulled the 8 iron just to see if it was possible, it would have been at least a 7 maybe 6 with my ap2's. I found the center of the clubface and it never left my aiming point 5 yards right of the pin and landed pin high with a 5' bounce and stop. Wow didn't expect that kind of piercing flight through that strong of wind and that shot insured they'll be in my bag for a bit. To get that distance and stopping power in that wind is exactly what I was looking for.

    If your on the fence between t100s and t200 give the t200 a thought because they are quiet an achievement by Titleist for guys like me. They felt just like my forged ap2 when the center is found, I didn't even notice any difference. They definitely aren't as punishing on off center hits, added distance and a hair more forgiving with a very small increase in club head size. All and all I think I made the best choice for me and exactly what I was looking for.

  2. Thanks for the post. I am contemplating the same decision.
  3. Tosh.


    I Need a titleist Thursday up here soon I’ve got an itch for new irons.
  4. Harry L

    Harry L

    I've also been playing ap2s for over 10 years and now i started losing a little distance and need a bit more forgiveness in the irons.

    Switched to T200 few month ago and im very happy. Very long, very forgiving and the look at address is near my AP2 716. These are modern players club in my opinion. I was fitted with the NS PRO 950 GH steel shaft.

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