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  1. I ordered custom TSi4 for my dad in law with Tour ad di 5 R2 shaft from my local dealer. I asked D2 swing weight and he told me Titleist offers D3 minimum. So, I asked D3 when I ordered. After more than a month, I finally picked it up today and put it on my swing scale. My scale indicated D11. I checked my swing weight scale calibration several times and still indicating D11. If it is 1 or 2 point off, I would think my scale calibration is off, but it's 8 point difference. I would like to hear from Titleist. Does anyone know if Titleist people reads my posting here?

  2. Brock L

    Brock L
    Fort Myers, FL

    Call Titleist customer service or have the shop you ordered from call them.
  3. I will do that. Thank you for your comment.
  4. I called Titleist and spoke to one of the customer reps. He looked up my serial number and told me this driver was built as requested. Then, he found a 40g grip is on this driver.

    So, the outcome is that the local dealer in my area made a mistake on this order.
    Now, I have to go after him and he is in trouble . lol

    I understand that Titleist builds clubs as they receive custom order requests. I am sure they will check swingweight on each club after they build. I don't understand that they let it go out with D11 because D11 is not for normal average people.

    Anyway, I found out the issue.

    Brock L, thank you for your reply.
  5. DonJ

    Cranston, RI

    @Dyoo that's weird because I ordered a TSi2 @45in at the standard SW and when it came in I had the gollf store check the SW and it was D2

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