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By RRose

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  1. I had played AP2s (714/718). I recently went to t200 to gain some forgiveness. I was fitted into DG x100 tour issue from KBS tour S.

    The clubs seem ultra heavy, no feel, often hit knuckle balls.

    I’m about ready to sell them. Could this be the shaft being heavier and stiffer?

    Anyone experiencing this?

  2. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I played AP2s before moving to T200s last year. They do not seem any heavier than my AP2s, even though I have AMT Blacks in them and the AP2s had XP95. What I do feel is a bit different, is the T200 short irons are not as accurate or consistent for me as the AP2s were. Though the T200 is a players-style blade, it is still a small bit bulkier than the AP2. For me, I like a more compact head. Maybe it's psychological, but I felt more confident with my AP2 short irons. I'm considering switching to T100•S in my 8, 9 and PW to get back the forged feel and smaller blade, without giving up the distance I get from the T200s. Don't get me wrong, I like the T200s, just not quite as much as the AP2. Short irons only. The forgiveness of the T200 7i-4i is greatly appreciated.

    Could it be your new shafts that are making them seem ultra heavy? I'd say, it's quite possible. Shafts make all the difference IMO. If you have something that doesn't feel great to you, you probably won't have the same confidence with it in your hands as you might with shafts that feel comfortable to you. That is one of my problems with getting fit for irons using simply a 7 or 6 iron. The numbers may be good relative to other shafts with the same 6/7 iron head, but across the entire set, for me anyway, it's about feel, with each individual iron. But, that's me.
  3. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    It sure sounds like they're too stiff. Did you hit the shaft that was recommended before the decision and was the fitting done outdoors so you could see ball flight?
  4. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    Hey sorry to hear the trouble.

    Those DGs are about 10-13 grams lighter than the KBS.

    They seem to have similar kick point, etc.

    I would dive into the club head differences, and possibly even grip differences, if that is different than your previous ones.

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