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  1. Howdy from the Buckeye State! I am a high school teacher that just started golfing heavily with old swoosh and cally clubs from my high school days. I am working with a couple coaches, reading up on breathing, mindset and body control techniques. The one thing I don’t know is which types of clubs and balls do I want to upgrade to once I’ve become more consistent. I was leaning cally, however, someone sell me on Titleist and why I should choose them over the competition. Thanks guys!

  2. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    With Titleist you get to be part of the forum, which is overwhelmingly occupied by really cool people.
    Titleist likes to take the time to get it right before releasing new clubs. That's why you don't see them coming out with an upgraded item every six months. For example, if you decide after a year you want to switch drivers, with Titleist there's a good chance you're trading in their latest model, where with Cally you're trading in a club that's been outdated by at least 2 upgrades that in reality produce extremely similar results (same ball flight, distance, ball speed, lighter wallet).
  3. Titleist has always made the best clubs on the market in my opinion. With as many options as they have from players to game improvement irons you can guarantee there’s an iron for everyone. I switched from png 10 years ago and have never gone back.
  4. Diego D

    Diego D
    Miami, FL

    If you are looking for the best golf balls, putters, wedges, irons, drivers, and gear, Titleist is the way to go.
  5. Now there is a question ha ha
    From what you have written you have gone all out and great lengths - so to make it simple break it all down into 3 sections.
    1: You - this is the basics - Grip and posture - Get this wrong and you are going to have issues all day long.
    2: Equipment: Always choose the best you can afford. So why Titleist. Couple of reasons .
    Quality / looks and a proven track record. Years of testing /technology goes into any product that come to market so you know it is the best - there is no grey area here .Choosing a brand (Titleist) that is the leader in its field gives assurance / and confidence you have a product / products that deliver.
    So if Section 1 (You )is correct Sectiion 2 (Equipment) will be perfect.
    Same scenario you want to buy a watch - Casio or Breitling ?!!
    One can be pushed to the max limit due to craftsmanship and quality the other will not even come close.
    So the choice is “ In a game do you want to be let down by equipment of poor quality “

    So why do I personally Titlist
    A:I trust it
    B: Asseciticly good looks .
    C: Puts the fear of God in your opponents when they see the Titleist brand - they know they have a game on their hands ha ha
    3: The ball: Same thing why compromise - Prov 1 - Again Tried and tested - why do most pros on any and every tour use the Titlist ball - because it is trusted.
    Personally stick to one ball - so you understand is characteristics - if you chop and change you will never get consistency.

    Wow that was a tad long - am I biased towards Titleist - for sure. The question you should be asking is Why - try just one product then you will know exactly what I mean

    Hope that helps
    Rest - assured Titleist most certainly will
    Cheers M

  6. DaFitzy!


    Listen, Titleist might not like hearing it, but you can play golf with all of them. What you do need to do, is hold them all!

    Dating back to my hockey days, they need to feel good in your hand, the weight, the look on the ground, everything. But you NEED to jump in with two feet. Go buy them! Changing gear can be a huge help, but changing too much is going to confuse an already confusing game.

    That being said, I’ve never stood over a set of Titleist irons that didn’t feel the best! Titleist is golf, the traditionalist in me will never let that go. But don’t don’t cheap out. Buy the clubs that you’ll love hitting! And for Pete Scott, but a cool bag!

    Fitzy out!
  7. Matthew A

    Matthew A

    You don’t need to be sold on Titleist, you already know it’s the only club for you.
  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Sounds like some are trying to sell you on TT and the site, which I as a highly active member would love to have you on board.

    Why I play Titleist equipment????????

    ** I have played the following brands: cally, Muzino, png, Wilson Staff, TM.

    ** The reasons I stopped playing those brands: A couple seemed to change there equipment too often for me. By the time I would break in a new club, a new line would be out, therefore making mine old news. That really irritated me. The others I just found Titleist club fitters showed me that improvement factor I was looking for.

    ** TITLEIST only changes its lines every two years. The rotate their metals and irons to alternating years. Do I change every time a new line comes out. Not necessarily. I go to a Titleist certified fitter and based on their findings, if and only if, we can find an improvement with the new equipment, I will break out the Golf debit card.

    ** TITLEIST research and development, in all areas of the equipment to include balls, etc, is the pinnacle of golf equipment.

    ** TITLEIST customer service/support is second to none in the business.

    ** TITLEIST has met my personal needs thru exceptional certified fitters. Titleist product specialist doing Titleist Thursdays are courses and fitters at some retailers. The two fitters that I use have over 25 years experience in fitting. It is important to get a good certified fitter with experience.

    Since I have changed to all Titleist equipment I have been completely satisfied and a loyalist to the brand. At the age of 75 loyalty as a consumer as well as a manufacturer is important, and that is why I choose Titleist. Titleist takes care of it's customers. Once you go to a Titleist fitter and see what is available to fit your particular game, I know the end result will be what you are seeking. If you can get with one of their product specialist, I highly recommend it. See if they are doing Titleist Thursdays in your areas.

    Here is a breakdown of the most popular clubs used on tour by the pros this year:

    Driver – Titleist TSi3, 9° loft, Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X shaft
    3-wood – png G425 Max or Titleist TS3, 15° loft, Fujikura Ventus Blue 7X shaft
    5-wood – TM SIM2, 18° loft, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8X shaft
    Irons – Titleist T100 (4-iron to PW), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts
    Gap wedge – Titleist Vokey Design SM8, 52° loft, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
    Sand wedge – Titleist Vokey Design SM8, 56° loft, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
    Lob wedge – Titleist Vokey Design SM8, 60° loft, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
    Putter – TM Spider X
    Golf ball – Titleist Pro V1
    Golf grips – Golf Pride Tour Velvet
    Putter grip – Superstroke GT 1.0


  9. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I can't say it any better than those who have posted before me. But I started back in golf with Cally, progressed back to Titleist golf balls then irons & have played 100% Titleist for 7 years now.

    The reason why I play Titleist.

    It's the one part of my game I don't have to think about anymore. Anything that isn't going well in my game I know it's me. All my shafts & club heads, lofts & lies have been fitted to me. There has been clubs like the 917D2 driver that my fitter went...Nope not going to work for you, stay with your 915D2. Then there was a time I THOUGHT I needed a new shaft something stiffer & once again the numbers didn't work.

    Last year I got fitted back into stiff shafts in all my clubs because the numbers were far better than the regular shafted 716 Ap1's I was playing. The same for my TSi2 Driver instead of a regular flex Diamana Blue in my 915D2.

    I always go get fitted & the Titleist fitter I have used has always been honest with me even if it means I don't need something new.

    That's the reason I play Titleist. Trust, Honesty, & Quality products from balls, glove, bag thru driver. Not to mention shoes as well.

  10. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Have to agree with you Darryl, with one exception. Titleist does not make shoes. Those are made by a separate division of Acushnet, FootJoy. And I love those shoes which I must have around 25 pair.
  11. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    Thanks Chuck, I know but I was on a roll & couldn't stop. Lol
  12. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    A couple of reasons.
    1. Your best investment is having a fitter/coach that can work with you and has your best interest at heart. Mine is a top coach in WI and has worked with me for 9 years. If the latest and greatest aren’t an improvement, there is no pressure to upgrade. Even suggests to keep the current You won’t find that at a retail outlet dependent on sales. Any fitter working with more than 2-3 lines can’t know all of them well. Retail sites get incentives to sell certain products. Stock products on the shelf carry inventory costs. Whose interest is at the heart of the recommendation?
    2. Titleist is accused of not being trendy. Ok, we’re not talking athletic wear, golf clubs, like carbon bike frames, are an actual investment. With 2 year cycles instead of one, customers get well tested equipment and aren’t testers paying for the privilege. The equipment gets actual improvement and not a new coat of paint The prior editions are still quality products that you can continue to use for years. Upgrading is a choice, not a requirement.
    3. Titleist has always promoted fittings and customization. Example, the irons are priced by the each. When ordered with no up charge components, you buy any number of irons and mix and other iron series, hybrids, or utility irons at the same per iron as a boxed set at a retail outlet. No requirement to choose between 3-PW or 4-GW, or 4-PW. What works for you. I’ve never had a “stock set” of Titleist products.
    4. I’m left-handed. Check how lines of irons Miz sells, and how many have a LH option. Not picking on them, just pointing out my options are limited across the industry. Working with my fitter it could have been png or Titleist. As it turns out, the support from the pro shop, the company, and other members of this forum keeps me coming back for more.

    Did I mention I’ve always felt that Titleist has never sold me an inferior product?
  13. Like many here posting, I have played other brands initially and sprinkled in a few Titleist clubs here and there. The one thing I did not appreciate from other brands was the release of clubs every 10 months or so. I got the sense from those other companies is that they were withholding technology so that they can put it in the new club 10 months later.

    Titleist take their time with product launches. The attention to detail is first class. The tolerance for error is off the charts, Titleist inspects everything that comes in and goes out of their facilities. To a point that if they receive a box of shafts, if one shaft does not meet specs, the whole box goes back. This partially explains why it sometimes takes longer to get orders shipped.

    If Titleist makes a change to a club or product, the change is made for the better so the product can be better overall, not for the the sake of making a change or release something new so that the product I bought last year is meaningless.

    My fitting process with Titleist is more about what tools will work for me and my game and not something they are trying to promote or push on me.

    There is also no having to relearn how to hit a club with Titleist. I can put them all into my bag an know it will perform just like product past.

    The reason I play Titleist? There's nothing better out there. They get tour feedback
  14. scooterhd


    Appreciate reading the answers. Thinking of going to an all Titleist bag myself.
  15. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I am not crazy about the question as it sounds like a sales job is what it takes to get someone to play Titleist. The product sells itself. Let me simply point out that many great golfers (Tiger, Rory, Phil, Sergio to name a few) all made their name playing Titleist equipment before moving into large endorsement deals. Those companies are relying on personality appeal to sell their products. When you remove the money aspect its clear where the quality and performance excels.
  16. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Nobody should try and "sell" you on a particular brand. When upgrading your clubs you should go in with an open mind and try and hit as many brands as possible. Most retail golf stores like PGA Superstore and Golfers Warehouse have demo clubs you can hit into a net. It's not ideal, but you'll probably be able to eliminate a few that way. If you have access to a private club,I'm sure the head pro will let you take a few demos to the range to help narrow your choice.

    For me personally, I've had Titleist drivers, fairways, hybrids, Vokey wedges and Cameron putters in my bag for many years.The woods and hybrids are traditional looking, and tend to look a little smaller to me than competitive brands, which is what I like. Vokey wedges are, in a word, magical! I got a Cameron putter in 1996 and have maintained loyal to that brand ever since.

    Welcome back to the game, and good luck in your club search.
  17. While I think Titleist is in a "transitional phase" to appeal to a broader audience and a wider range of HDCP players, the equipment speaks for itself on many levels. The balls are the best in the game. Nobody can debate this. the quality and performance is unmatched.

    Secondly, the Irons in the MB/CB family are incredible and now the T100 and T100S are on that level now. The CB has to be the most under rated club of all time. I was a higher HDCP player for many years and when i switched to the CB, my HDCP dropped 8 points within a year and now i play to a 10-12 but the 712 CB is still a great club for me......(i since moved to the T100-S for more help but i will always love my 712 CB's)

    The T200/300/400/ U505/500/510 are a family that seems to be searching for players....IMO Titleist doesnt do GI and SGI clubs well. This is not their bread and butter and I almost feel the company is just trying to reach a broader audience just for the sake of keeping up with some of the other companies who make a ton of money on GI and SGI irons. Titleist has really muddied the waters with these off cycle launches and i do not feel they have marketed the T300/400 and utility line the right way. It was the same with the drivers. TSi lauched and then off cycle TSi's came a year later. Maybe everything is on track and aligned now, but the cycle disruption really made us Titleist loyalists angry.....

    The bottom line is the products are amazing and the customer service teams can be the best in the business. They stand behind the products. I still play the 910 D3 driver as it performs just as good if not better than the modern SIM drivers which are extremely popular.....

    Tiger would not play Titleist if he didnt know they were the best. He even brought a lot of his original clubs designs from titleist and incorporated these into his other iron designs with swoosh and now TM.

    even though i was angry on the new T100-S release (I had just recived my t100-S order from 2020), i bit the bullet and ordered the new version. with the sole improvements, the tungsten improvements and redesigned cavity, i felt it was worth the money.

    Go Titleist or go home......
  18. COBrien


    Titleist is superior quality. They seem to help the younger players on tour get their start. They have the best people in the industry designing their products. Bob Vokey and Scotty Cameron are wizards at their craft. Wouldn’t play any other clubs.

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