Titleist AP1 irons (can they be bent to adjust lie angle)

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By Denny W

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  1. Denny W

    Denny W
    Gray, TN

    Hey guys,

    Anyone out there know if the lie angles can be adjusted on the AP1 irons without fear of breaking the iron?  I would like to pick up a used set for my daughter who is a pretty good junior.  I have found several good deals on used sets but most of them are standard specs.

    Can anyone from Titleist chime in and give me an answer?  I figure I could send them back to Titleist to have this done, but can a local club fitter make the adjustments safely?

  2. Evan01

    Weymouth, MA

    My understanding is that the AP1 are cast and cannot be adjusted.

  3. The AP1 irons can be bent up to 2°.  We would recommend sending them to us to be bent to preserve the warranty, but you can have your local pro bend them, if you wish.  If you are purchasing them from a custom fitting account, we will bend them at no charge.  (it will cost you shipping to and from). 

  4. Denny W

    Denny W
    Gray, TN

    Thanks Cathi.  That's what I was hoping to hear.

  5. Hello,

    The 2011 custom options state that the club lie can be bent +4° to -2° .

    Could you confirm if it is 4 or 2?


    PS: Would you recommend (is it possible) to bend a DCI 990 to +4° ?


  6. The AP1's and the AP2's can be bent to 4° upright or 2° flat.  It would not be recommended to bend the DCI 990 4°

  7. Someday-HIO

    Albany, NY

    I ordered mine last year and had them bent for a 2 degree up. And that was done for free by titliest when I ordered them. I would think you could send them in and get them bent by titliest as well. Good luck

  8. My AP1 710s were 2 degrees upright when ordered , does the +4/-2 still work to go back closer to neutral? I changed my swing in the offseason to a flatter plane

  9. We will be able to bend it back to standard for you.  Just take them to the custom pro shop where you ordered them and the cost will be shipping to and from.

  10. walter t

    walter t
    bryan, TX

    I am going to purchase a set of AP1 irons and just thought I would get standard lie as I am more than 100 miles from a  fitting center.

    I also have had a bit of swing change and am going to a more forgiving club . Currently playing 755'S at 2 degrees upright. Fitted by Titliest several years ago.

    We have the equipment here to bend them ( golf course associated with a major college team - national level) . If I order through my pro shop can I still change them if that seems to be indicated after I play them a bit? I do not care if it is done here or sent back to you , just want to make sure it can be done.



  11. We would recommend sending them back here to preserve the Warranty and yes, the AP1's can be bent two degrees.

  12. Ricky S

    Ricky S
    Kahului, HI

    I ordered mine the same 2 degree upright. How tall are you? I'm only 5'7" and I got fitted with that lie angle. I found that weird. My swing might have been off that day. My original set are standard lie and I still hit them a little left of target.

  13. Hi

    I have recently newly bought the AP1's and found that I was hitting the ball left.
    On the simulator when I bought them this proved to be the case and the clubs were 'uplofted' 2 degrees.

    I now find that I still hit them left.
    So I have taken my standard old clubs (TM OS) and hitting them straighter.

    I have asked the shop here in Stockholm if the 2 degrees UP loft they had put in origianally could be put back (delofted) to the standard.

    They mentioned with the AP1's this is not possible as they are  dual cavity.

    Basically - can the AP1's be put back to standard AFTER the have been uplofted 2 degrees?

    Could you please confirm this?

    Thanks and best regards

    Bas Fick
    Stockholm, Sweden.

  14. Hi,  We can bend the clubs up to 2° both up and down.  I would recommend contacting Acushnet Sweden and they can give you their recommendations as to where and how.

  15. Thank you! Cheers!

  16. David L

    David L
    Omaha, NE

    Hi Cathi -

    My AP1's are currently @ 3* upright, so I'm having them shipped back to Titleist from my local Golf USA here in Omaha to be flattened down to 1* up.

    I sent you an email and posted about this same thing last week; but now that I found this post you can disregard.


    Dave Lancaster 

  17. Rob C

    Rob C
    Mississauga, ON

    Hi there.  How frequently can the AP1s be adjusted?  I would like to change the lie angle but may need to do it again later in the future.  I hear that some clubs can only withstand 1 maybe two adjustments before it compromises the club.

  18. Can AP2's be bent from 2 degrees upright to 2 degrees flat???

  19. We would not recommend bending either set 4°. The AP2's can be bent because they are forged, but will probably crimp the chrome and eventually it will flake and rust. It does not change the playability, not look good. On the AP1's, they are cast and we don't recommend bending them 4°.
  20. Can the loft/lie of the AP3 be adjusted/bent? If so, how much?
  21. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Apparently Titleist has 2 heads, 0, and 2+. So on ordering from the plant, -2 to +1 would be filed with the 0 head, and +2 to +4 would be filled with that head. That's the +4 to -2 range, just not one head.
  22. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    As Don states Titleist does produce both a standard lie head and one 2 degrees upright head allowing the latter being bent up to an additional 2 degrees upright. My question would be whether on an order for 2 degrees upright if Titleist would in fact use the 2 degree upright head or it they would bend the standard head 2 degrees, thus dedicating the the 2 degree upright manufactured heads for orders above 2 degrees upright. Perhaps Titleist will confirm how they fill 2 degree upright orders.
  23. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    +2 or -2 are the limits.

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