2021 T100S vs 2023 T150

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By Matthew G

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  1. Matthew G

    Matthew G
    Raleigh, NC

    I'm being fit for the new T-Series irons this weekend, but also have an opportunity to buy a used set of 2021 T100S.

    I've read the changes that have been made regarding thicker top line and a little more blade length. Curious for those of you who have hit both of these - what are the noticeable differences here?

    Apologies if this topic has been covered in detail before. Dug through several pages of discussion but didn't find it listed.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Technically, the T150 is a tad longer length head to add some forgiveness. There are other enhancements with tungsten location and acoustics. What you don’t get with a used set is the fitting and a potential recommendation to mix clubs for optimal fit for you. Not to mention you don’t get a choice of shafts.
    You might find in the fitting that you might benefit from a mixed set of T100-T150 or T150-T200. Granted there is a $$ difference, but if you enjoy the game more over 5-6 years, it isn’t much per round of golf.
  3. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Agree with Don. The fitting alone is well worth the added expense over a good used set of irons.
    And if you go with the used set, you'll always be wondering what if...
  4. J.P W

    J.P W
    Grand Junction, CO

    I have to agree with Don O. If you are going to spend some money, do it the right way and get a fitting done and take a good look at the T150. I think Titlest hit a home run on this set!
  5. I have been playing the 2021 T100s for 2 seasons now. The best irons I have played in a very long time. Had a chance to hit the new T150 and they felt really nice as well. There is a definite thicker top line and the iron length seemed longer? Might be bias but I prefer the 2021 T100s. I don't hit a long ball but am very consistent with strike, 2 hdcp. (155 yrd 7 iron). Absolutely love the 2021 T100s. Good luck.

  6. Bruce Lowe

    Bruce Lowe
    Midlothian, Scotland, 0

    I’ve hit both…my opinion for what’s it’s worth, T150 felt slightly softer off the face using ProV1s. Looks a bit sharper over the ball & consistency of distance was better for me. T100s are really good, T150s edges it but you’ll not be disappointed with either.
  7. Jim A

    Jim A
    Houston, TX

    I am envious of all the people that have been fitted. Unfortunately for me, the fitting website does not work!
    I am not giving up but struggling to get fitted for the new irons.
  8. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Jim A -
    To note, I am a strong promoter of getting fit. As close as you can get to your actual course conditions, the better. So, outdoors with a tracking device using a V, X , AVX, or left dash if one of those is your preferred ball by a fitter with deep knowledge of the product and a significant number of shaft options is nirvana. Online is only a starting point.
    You list Houston as your home area. If you are serious about upgrading your bag, Titleist, under Fittings at the top of the web page, surely must have specialized fitters in your are. They may only be taking names to set up future fittings but they offer the best Titleist experience. The $100 fee is refunded with a purchase from the fitting. Check it out.
  9. GMcClanahan

    Pinehurst, NC

    I endorse Don’s message. The extra $ is worth the latest technology and making sure you get the right shaft.
  10. EJensen

    Raleigh, NC

    Been gaming the T100s and love them - if you asked me I wouldnt change anything about them.

    Was fitted and ordered the T150's (with different shafts than my gamers and an extra degree upright).

    During my fitting noticed the T150's compared to T100s,
    -Thicker top line (I actually prefer the T100s topline)
    -Strike and feel remained relatively the same.
    -Turf interaction felt improved in the T150's (although I need more swings in varied lies/conditions to confirm the improvement).

    Honestly, both versions are great. You'll be happy either way.
  11. Matthew G

    Matthew G
    Raleigh, NC

    Sounds like we might need to get together in Raleigh once our T150s get in! Where do you normally play?
  12. EJensen

    Raleigh, NC

    Getting mine in tomorrow!

    My normal tracks are Lonnie, River Ridge, Pine Hollow, Eagle Ridge, preserve (when I want to get humbled)

    How about yourself?
  13. Matthew G

    Matthew G
    Raleigh, NC

    Lonnie and Pine Hollow are favorites of mine, too. Have a neighbor that has an out of town membership at Pine Needles / Mid Pines / Southern Pines, so regularly tagging along with him, too. Can't beat the guest rates.

    I'm traveling the next few weeks for work - but maybe can get a round in September? Hoping it cools off by then, too.
  14. Matthew G

    Matthew G
    Raleigh, NC

    Thanks all for your feedback. Had an amazing fitting session with someone from the FitCrew here in Raleigh. Fit to the T150 with S300s. Amazing to see the leap from my 712 AP2s. Was a full club longer (expected with the stronger lofts) but hit the ball about 15% higher on every shot, spin was about 500 rpms higher, and the stopping distance was about half of what I was seeing with the old set.

    Might be hard for me to notice the incremental year over year changes, but pretty sold on the T150s.
  15. Jim G

    Jim G
    Dallas, TX

    Was playing 2021 T100s (6-P) and T200 (4 and 5 iron). Just received my T150's (4-P) and they are amazing. Feel is much improved and the 4 and 5 iron are way better than the T200's were. I could not be happier with the new irons.
  16. Jaycen M

    Jaycen M
    Gilbert, AZ

    I just finished a fitting for the new T150 (2023, 4-PW) with Project X LZ 6.0 shafts - what a nice club. My previous set were miz JPX 919 Forged with KBS Tour 90 shafts. The T150 sound was solid, however, I would definitely recommend a fitting, the club head alone is great, but paired with the right shaft..., money!
  17. Military
    I used to play a combo of the T100S/T200 from 2021…didn’t care for the T200s so sold them…just got fitted for the new T150/T200s. They are very nice…the T200 is a much bigger improvement than the T100S to the T150…the head is a big larger and top line a tad thicker (which I’m not a huge fan of), but they still feel as good as the T100S irons…for me, it came down to the extra height I was able to get with the T150s over the T100S and how much better they blended with the new T200s…so, ordered them…tick tock, tick tock…
  18. Military
    Previously played the T100S (8-GW) with T200 (5-7). The difference in sound/feel/looks and turf interaction between the two was too much for me and I stopped using them…the T100S were great and wish I could hit those through the bag, but between physical limitations (two hip replacements, shoulder surgery, and arthritis in my back), I need the extra help in the high end of the bag…Was a bit concerned to hear the T150 was a larger head (I prefer the smallest possible heads I can find)…but, went for a fitting yesterday, and to be honest, unless you put them side by side, it’s barely noticeable. The biggest change is the T200 is MUCH better than the previous gen, by a mile. It still has a little crack off the face, but not nearly as cringy as the last gen, and the head size/shape and sole blend much better with the T150…I even swung the T350 5 iron and that was impressive…they did a great job at address of making all three clubs look very similar and easy to blend…ordered a blended set of T150 (7-GW) with the T200 (5/6) with AMT Black shafts…now time to wait…….I do wish Titleist had a military discount.
  19. Charles H

    Charles H
    Reno, NV

    I have gone from the 718 AP2 to the 2021 T100s to the T150. Best way to describe it is They took the best parts of the 718 AP2 and added the speed of the T100s. T150 has the same size chassis as the AP2. But the inner workings of the T100s with the new '23 sole design. Playing 3-PW in all sets Project X 6.5 +1" 1deg flat
  20. EJensen

    Raleigh, NC

    Quick update now that I've gotten a few rounds in with the T150's (coming off of the T100S).

    Pretty similar for the most part, and I think most people coming from the 2021 models will appreciate the changes. You can feel the improved turf interaction with the 2023 models (in my subjective opinion).

    The only downside I've noticed is the 2023 models dont carve through rough like the 2021 model in my opinion - not sure if its just playing on bermuda in August but I feel the new sole design plays better off the fairways but is less efficient out of the rough. Given my swing has a tendency for steepness, so it could be a swing flaw, but makes sense that the thicker sole might float on thick rough.

    More reason to hit more fairways :)
  21. Fitting, fitting, fitting. Almost every response recommends that you get fitted. IMHO fitting is overrated. For me and some of my friends, the results you see indoors on the various machines are sometimes quite different to what you see on the golf course. Further, fitters are like everyone else, some are very good and others, not so much. Also, in the larger golf stores, the fitters have a vested interest in recommending some clubs over others. If you want to find the right club and shaft, there is no substitute for taking them to the gold course for a few rounds.
  22. Robert V

    Robert V
    Grand Haven, Mi

    I’ve been playing the 2021 T100S irons for a year now. I’ve had the opportunity to try the T150 irons and didn’t like the looks as the top line is thicker and didn’t notice any difference in performance so I’m staying with the 2021 model.
  23. Jon C

    Jon C
    Lehigh Valley, PA

    I've been swinging the '21 T100's for two seasons now. I also had the chance to hit the 150's at the TT event for a bit and even without the fitted version was almost a club longer on carry with very little change on ANY of the other areas (spin, descent, etc) I did notice a bit more forgiveness with the dispersion as well.

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