Wedge Flex Shafts vs True shafts

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By Joey R

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  1. Joey R

    Joey R
    Batesburg, SC


    I am looking to see what everyone's opinions are.  I currently am playing a 53 & 58 degree Vokey wedges.  They have a wedge flex shafts in them.  My question is would it be beneficial to change them out to a shaft such as the KBS Tour or Project X.  My irons currently have the Project X 6.5's in them and I love those shafts.

    My question would be what is the difference and what are some of the other players opinions on this?

    Thanks in advance,

    Joey R

  2. Bryan W

    Bryan W
    Hillsboro, OR

    Hi Joey,

    I have DGS300 in my Irons and then the following in my wedges.

    Vokey 48 bent to 46 - DGs300

    Vokey 50 bent to 51 - DGs300

    Vokey 54 bent to 55 - DGR300

    Vokey 58 bent to 59 - DGR300

    However my next set of irons are going to have KBS Shafts so I will be updating the wedge shafts as well.

    Have I noticed any difference in scores going with "true" shafts vs "Wedge flex" not really but the idea appeals to me and gives me confidence the wedges are "fine tuned"

    Hopefully RC "Ryan Crysler" will chime in on this, he has softer flex shafts in his wedges and can speak to the benefits with more knowledge.




  3. Ryan Crysler

    Ryan Crysler
    West Palm Beach, FL

    We usually take the same shaft but go down in one or two flexes.  I'd be thinking 5.5 Project Xs for you.  Some of our players go as soft as the regular rifle 4.5.  But now the KBS Hi-Rev shaft has been crushing the competition since we put it in some fitting wedges. 

  4. Steve B

    Steve B
    Springboro, OH

    I currently have DGS300 shafts in my irons and DGS200 in my wedges (as you describe and recommended by Mr. Vokey).  I noticed some players do not do this and instead place the same shaft in the wedges that they have in their irons.  Could you please give me your thoughts pro and con?  Thank you.

  5. Ryan Crysler

    Ryan Crysler
    West Palm Beach, FL

    Indeed, sometimes it's the same shaft for players that tend to tend to be more aggressive in their short game style, or just want consistency.  Sometimes it's the 7 or 8 iron shaft that's been cut down to wedge length which creates  similar feel, but softer flex.

    In my opinion, softer is all ways better because the increased torque and softer flex helps keep the club face open.  You are also swinging slower and load the shaft differently during the scoring swing.

  6. Steve B

    Steve B
    Springboro, OH

    Thank you...makes sense.

  7. Joey R

    Joey R
    Batesburg, SC

    So, what exactly is the Wedge flex?  I really have no idea.

    If I am using the Project X 6.5 in my irons and would like to go with the KBS.  Would you recommend the S-flex or the X?

    I would still like to know if anyone has done this and what they feel the difference is.



  8. Ryan Crysler

    Ryan Crysler
    West Palm Beach, FL

    Wedge flex is the S200 shaft.  Slightly softer than the s300.

    I suppose you are interested in the KBS Tour shaft.  I would recommend the S flex.  I would also recommend you give the KBS High Rev shaft consideration as well.  It has a much softer feel than the already soft KBS Tour.

  9. Joey R

    Joey R
    Batesburg, SC

    Thanks for all your input Ryan.

    I think I am going to try the Hi Revolution.

    I am not that aggressive on my short game.  I have been struggling with it lately and just getting it decently on the green is all I am after right now.  Inside of 80 yards, I tend to balloon and leave it out to the right.  So, Maybe I trying to force it a little bit. 


  10. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    Would the softer S200 produce more spin than say the True Temper S300, or would it just feel softer, or both?

  11. Ryan Crysler

    Ryan Crysler
    West Palm Beach, FL

    You might see a smidge more spin, but it's probably neglible.  The s200 probably feels a little softer.  RC 

  12. Geoffrey W

    Geoffrey W
    Kapellen, 0


    Yesterday I met a Titleist rep at one of our local golfclubs. As usual I tried some Vokey's and Scotty's and went in a very nice conversation about difference between V-X and the new AVX (switching to AVX soon ).

    I told him that the extre distance with the AVX could be a problem, especially in the transition between my 46 degree wedge (SM6) and my 9 Iron (42 deg). Actual yardages are 125-130m for my 46 and 140-145M for my 9 iron.

    I play s200 in al my 4 wedges (46,50,54,58) and NsModus3 105 Stiff in my irons. Looking at my wedges, I have a nice 10m gap between al of them, so thats fine but the Rep suggested to reshaft them with exactly the same shafts played in my irons.
    He said that a possible explanation for the PW-9 gap would be the reduced clubhead speed at impact due to the fact that the S200 are heavier than my iron shafts (weight).

    I'd love to hear your opinion on this subject. And if so wich shaft would you suggest ? Can't go lighter in the Ns Range then 105 so I would say same iron shaft in my wedges.

    Thanks in advance
  13. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Do they work for you? I have 54-11 c-c bent to 55, 60-07 and 64-07 and my short game is very good. I am basically of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school.
  14. Joey R

    Joey R
    Batesburg, SC

    I played 9 yesterday after work and the biggest concern I have with the regular shafts is that I cannot get them to stop.  I will say that yesterday, I hit the ball better than I have in a long time because I finally figured a way to get the softball out of my swing.

    BUT, my irons with Project X 6.5's, I could get them to stop with little effort.  Now, I could not make them make a u-turn on the green, but all I am looking for is them stopping.  With the wedges, I could not get them to stop as easily.  I got twice the roll out of them as I did out of my irons.

    I have the same feeling, if it ain't broke don't screw with it.  The worst part is that I could get my chipping to check up just fine, but nothing out of my 3/4 and full wedge swings.

    Oh well, I guess that is an excuse to play more and practice more to try and figure it out.


  15. Nate S

    Nate S
    Saint Johns, FL

    Hi Joey,

    I'm a twelve handicap and its going down daily. I play wedge flex shafts in my 52 and 56. to be honest with you, I don't think it makes a difference. i think the wedge flex shafts go a little higher. that helps my shots come into the green a little softer and spin back only 1 or 2 feet. its up to you but i prefer the wedge flex shafts.

  16. ken r

    ken r
    gaffney, SC

    I'm hitting 716 AP1 with graphite shaft reg-65g.....what shaft would I need in vokey wedges. Swing speed driver is 80-90. Thanks
  17. I have the same question. I have the 716 CB irons with the KBS CTaper 120S. Looking to get some new wedges and trying to decide on a shaft.
  18. dennis n

    dennis n
    San Diego, CA

    Go with 6.5 in your pw and gap leave the softer shafts in your sand and lob. The first two you'll full shot swing mostly and the second two less than full mostly.
  19. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    I tend to use a stiffer shaft in my wedges to decrease defection.

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