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By Ron M

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  1. Ron M

    Ron M
    Lansing, MI

    i have looked everywhere for a nice titleist ball marker and was never able to find one. I recently found one black with prov1 on one side and titleist in white on the other. I played golf this evening and discovered that over my Memorial Day golf trip with my wife, the marker is missing. My question is, does titleist sell this ball marker or know where to find a replacement? I am a titleist guy with 5 sets of irons in my household, 4 bags Scotty putters, woods etc and it's killing me that the marker is gone. Any help would be appreciated. It appears after some looking that this marker is sold with a tin, but you have to buy a minimum of 48 of them. Even a marker that fits on a hat or divot tool would work. Thanks
  2. Greg B

    Greg B
    Gilbert, AZ


      I have been looking for a Titleist ball marker for a long time and have yet to be successful (outside of Ebay).  They do sell some Titleist ball marker hats that come with a ball marker and those are available at and websites of the like. If you are strictly looking for a Titleist ball marker, as I have been, they apparently are extremely hard to come by.  If you happen to come across just a ball marker somewhere, let me know and I will be sure to let you know if I happen to find one as well.  Good luck!


  3. Ron M

    Ron M
    Lansing, MI

    Still no luck with the marker.....anyone else ever see one or know where to buy one?

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