Is a rangefinder with slope necessary?

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By Mitchk2

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  1. Mitchk2

    Fresno, CA

    I have been a fan of using rangefinders while I play my rounds and have played my best rounds when I have had access to a rangefinder. I have been trying to decide on a good new rangefinder to purchase but the slope function has me debating on which version I should buy. Is a rangefinder that measures slope really worth the extra cost?

  2. Mike B

    Mike B
    Duluth, GA

    Rangefinders are definitely a great tool to improving your game by giving you confidence in your club selection - which goes a long way in hitting a good shot.  Although adjusting yardage for slope is a nice feature, I personally don't think it is worth it because you are not allowed to use the slope feature in tournament competition.

    Good luck with your purchase and hit'em well!

  3. tdogg21

    Chambersburg, PA

    I love my rangefinder, and even though I've never used one with slope, I've never felt that I needed it.  I don't play in enough tournaments to worry about the "legality" of it, but in everyday rounds, I just simply don't think I need it.  Now, if I found one for a great price (thus taking price out of the equation) I wouldn't not buy it because of the slope feature.  But I wouldn't actively search out and pay more for the slope feature.

  4. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA


    To me slope is a slight cheating aide.... In a laughing way.... It takes some of the sport out of it!

  5. Gabriel G

    Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

    I would say yes because slope makes a difference in distance.  I always want to know how much slope affects my choice of club.  I found out knowing the slope changes what I choose to use in club.  I get closer!

  6. I feel that a rangefinder with slope is nice if you are mapping out a course that you are going to play in a tournament that doesn't allow rangefinders. I would go with a regular rangefinder because it gets the job done and is legal for most tournament play. 

  7. tdogg21

    Chambersburg, PA

    For those who have used a range finder with slope, has it even really helped you?  I just don't see it giving enough of an advantage to spend the extra money, especially for just a practice round.

  8. Peter M

    Peter M
    Marina del Rey, CA

    I use one with slope, but I rarely take its reading over my own judgement. 

    I say trial and error is a better option.

  9. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Mitch, I have a Bushnell and I believe it is the V6 model and it does not have the slope function. I play in a few tournaments each year and they do not allow the slope function. I can pretty much figure out wind and additional yardage needed for hilly courses based on years of playing golf. I have good experience with the Bushnell products and I do like the bright optics with this particular model. Once you get locked on it gives you a little buzz.
  10. John L

    John L
    Cumming, GA

    To answer your question, it depends on what you use your rangefinder for. Obviously, the rangefinders that convert between slope and no slope are the best. If you play in a lot of tournaments, I would go without slope because it is illegal in tournaments. If you plan on using it for casual rounds, slope is better because it makes the shots easier. It just depends if you want to pay more for the slope function.

  11. I do play competition golf and use a rangefinder. Yes slope indication is illegal for tournament play so I bought one that did not have that feature. I do not believe that knowing the slope of a certain area is going to make you play a shot any different. I do not believe it is worth the extra forty dollars it will cost you. I use the (breaking 80) rangefinder and it is competition legal. I compared it to my buddies (Bushnell V3 with pin seeker jolt technology) other than the vibration it has, there was zero difference btwn the two. Other than his was twice as much as mine. This is my opinion and my suggestions. Please do your own research and my your own choice.

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