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By Randy R

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  1. My wife bought a brand new black,white and red Titleist Deluxe Cart Bag from PGAtoursuperstore for me for Father's Day. I was delighted to have a Titleist bag to go with my complete Titleist club set. Unfortunately only six months later there are two wear holes in it. One on each side where it rides on my Clicgear cart. I've had a variety of carts and bags over the years but this is the first time I have seen a bag just wear out from normal use in such a short time. As I inspected it closer I noticed there are some thin wire ribs that rub under the material causing the holes over time. This is the first time I have felt Titleist has let me down. Too bad too because it it such a good looking bag. Anyway, holes covered with duct tape and lesson learned.

  2. DV



    There is so much counterfeit gear in the marketplace. Is there any way to know if your bag is the real deal?

  3. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Contact Titleist. They may have a better solution.

    They replaced one of my cart bags because it didn't stand up perfectly straight. It leaned slightly to the right, and I mean slightly. Maybe a couple degrees. I noticed it the day I got it, but wanted to use it right away and just thought it was on uneven surface or something. Over time, I realized the bottom was a bit off-kilter. 6 months later, I mentioned it here in these discussion boards and they asked me to send it back. A few weeks later they sent me a new bag. I was not expecting a new bag.

    They have built the best brand identity in golf. Customer loyalty and retention is of utmost importance to them, more so than any other brand in golf in my opinion. If the issue with your bag is something that is a result of their product having inferior materials, I would think they will do something for you. If on the other hand, the damage is as a result of an issue with your cart, I would still think they might have a solution better than duct tape.
  4. Dino J

    Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

    Hi Randy --- I'd be interested in seeing a photo or two if you could post them. I currently have two bags - a lightweight Staff Bag that I use primarily in the spring through to early fall and then a Sta-Dry bag (2014 vintage) that I use in the wetter months.

    I too will be looking for a new bag within the year too - my Sta Dry has problems with the zipper pull tags ... they are poorly designed and the rubber pull tabs come off too easily when zipping or unzipping pockets on the bag. I like it for its waterproofness, but it just seems to me that the zipper pull tabs were skimped on -- which is something I don't normally associate with Titleist or Acushnet.

    I really like my Titleist equipment from Driver on down to my Scotty Cameron and my Pro V1x balls.

    My summer bag is starting to show signs of wear too ...but most notably in the colour fastness of the collar and trim. The red nylon fabric is bleaching at an alarming rate making the bag look much older than it really is.

    I'm not sure if TT or anyone else can do anything about replacement zipper tags, but I sure hope so ...its nice having the rubber zipper tag with Titleist written on it, but its not good at all if they keep falling off and needing to be replaced!
  5. Jim K

    Jim K
    Bel Air, MD

    Randy, did you try Titleist customer service? I'd bet they'll help you out. The folks at Titleist do a great job with customer service.
  6. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    Fathers Day was only in June, I would contact Titleist Support as you should be covered under the warranty.
  7. Well, I thought I posted a reply with pictures yesterday but it didn't show up, so I'll try again. I will try to contact Customer Service today and see how that goes. Can't hurt.
    Hmm. Keep getting an error when I try to upload the pix.
  8. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    I've found Titleist bags to be superior to everyone else's. I've replaced Hoofer bags in 3 years and a Cally bag in 3 years but kept a Titleist bag for 10 years. Only reason I replaced it was the bag was black and the color faded to a purple color. Other than the fading the bag was like new. Replaced it with a new Light weight Staff bag and couldn't be happier. I would contact your Titleist dealer that sold it to you and see about a warranty or replacement. Titleist is usually pretty good about these types of things.
  9. I worked in a Pro-Shop for 4-Years during my youth. The [Titilest Representatives] were always the most Professional and Informative Dealers in the industry during that time; (30-Years Ago).

    They always stood by their products than; as they do in today's marketplace. Email there "Customer Service" department. Im sure you'll will receive a prompt reply.

    Good Luck
  10. I got an email from Customer Service and they said take it to a Titleist Dealer and start the process for an RMA. I'll do that of course but now I'll have to head to the storage room and dig up an old bag til this one is replaced. They were prompt and polite as advertised. Now if my wife can only find that receipt.... :)
  11. Same issue!
    Bag is genuine, from my pro shop.
    I glued a couple of patches on. I think the fault might lie with Clicgear. If you notice the top support NEVER lines up with the top support of any golf bag, except maybe their on brand.
    I never do up the top strap because I have trouble getting getting my wedges out. Not just with Titleist, I had the same issue with a Sun Mountain bag.

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