Custom Embroidery on Titleist Golf Bags?

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By Tom W

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    Is it possible to buy a golf bag directly from Titleist with custom embroidery of my name (like the Pros)? Or is there maybe a preferred partner that Titleist recommends? Looks like TM is doing it ( but I don't want a TM bag.

  2. Mike C
    Dallas, TX

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    Absolutely Tim, you can even have the Team Titleist logo put on your bag along with your name. Get with your local Titleist authorized retailer and they can set it all up.
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    What exactly is a "Titleist authorized retailer"? Would that be a place like PGA Superstore or Golf Galaxy? I am not lucky enough to belong to a private club, so I am hoping there are some options for 'Joe Public'.
  4. N Anthony S
    Portland, OR

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    I ordered mine through the Golf shop at the club where I played.
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  5. Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

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    Both Mike and Anthony have given solid advice. Any Authorized Titleist retailer can custom order you a bag with personalization. Additional costs will vary based on what you desire to have embroidered on your bag.
  6. jaymay82
    Honolulu, HI

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    Nice! Thinking of doing that on my next Titleist bag purchase.
  7. Corey T

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    Yep!! Like Mike can even have the Team Titleist logo added!!
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  8. Wade W
    Roanoke, VA

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    Tom W:

    You'll only find new Titleist equipment at an authorized retailer. The chain stores you mentioned work, but so do the green grass accounts (which I prefer to support). You might also be surprised...a polite call to the professional at a private club can open opportunities to fit and purchase.

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    Yes easy to get your name placed on the belly plate of the staff bag. Order from you pro shop or golf retailer. Take just a little longer to get but worth the wait.

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