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By Clint M

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  1. Clint M

    Clint M
    Regina, SK

    Any thoughts on the differences between the Titleist staff bag and the mid size? I walk 80% of the time with a push cart.

    I also like to keep everything (rain gear, gloves, balls) except for umbrella in the bag.

    I'm leaning towards the mid size but would like to know if there is much more pocket space/storeage than the deluxe cart bag. I have the deluxe but side apparel pockets bulge out too far.

    *Will Titleist embroider our club logo and name on the bags? TT logo? Also any feedback on the difference in strap attachments is appreciated.

  2. Joshua B

    Joshua B

    If you push cart then I'd tend to lean with the go big or go home mentality...Staff bag all day.
  3. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    I have the staff bag and IMO there's plenty of pocket spaces. Also, i love having the stand and comes handy when hitting the driving range....
  4. Samuel  C

    Samuel C
    Phoenix, AZ

    I'm with Joshua B, if you are using a push car or even riding, why not get the bigger bag (staff bag) that has more room?

    The staff bag should have plenty of room to carry everything you need and more, if needed. I mean, look at the pros, they have to carry enough stuff for all sorts of situation (rain gear, extra gloves, balls, food, etc.).

    I believe if you order your bag through an authorized Titleist dealer, they should be able to have your name, club logo and/or TT logo embroidered on it. It all depends on if the club will allow their logo on your bag.
  5. I cannot stress enough how happy I am with the midsize staff bag. Most of the golfers i interact with always tell me about the amount of pockets their bags have, but I am all about quality over quantity. The room in the midsize staff bag is legit, and I love the 6 club compartment system. Having the back pocket (Where my name is stitched) is super important for me because it's where I keep my rain gear. LOVE the valuables pocket (fleece lined like a boss, lol) and the bag is the perfect size for push and riding carts. The only thing I have against this bag is that I baby it and my buddies make fun of me for it :) But when you spend a whole summer working minimum wage at a local muni for your new titleist gear, you'll baby them too, lol :)
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  6. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    I'm with JR too, I've got the mid-staff and use it on an remote control push cart. Love it. I've had it about 4 years now. I'm very happy with the quality and I don't know if I could fill up all the compartments. The 6 way divider is great for organizing the clubs, the the way it sits on the cart it presents a perfect pocket for my laser range finder to sit up with quick access, ball pocket, valuables pocket, side pockets for my rain gear, extra sweater, smaller pocket for tees and ball markers, it's got everything. I bought it off the floor before I was smart enough to order it and get my name and Team Titleist logo on it, but otherwise it's great. Can't speak to the full staff bag but this mid-staff has all the space I need.
  7. Billy L

    Billy L
    Rockville Centre, NY

    I love my mid size staff bag it has plenty of pockets with a lot of room to put all that great Titleist gear in side of it. If I had a complaint it would be that there is not a cooler pocket to put a bottle of water
  8. Greg L

    Greg L
    Dallas Tx

    I had mid size and delux cart bags bag but very quickly replaced them with a 2016 9.5 mid size staff bag due to the first ones getting wear holes from rubbing on the cart. I was concerned about the staff bag at first because is doesn't have as many pockets; however, it actually has more storage space. I carry a LOT of things in my, and still have room to spare. Go with the staff bag and you want be sorry!
  9. I am a Titleist mid-size staff bag guy! I had the first gen one, the second gen one, and just got the 3rd gen (2017) one. So I have owned them all. It's the best bag out there anywhere! The staff bag is just too much bag for me and doesn't fit well on a cart where the midsize fits perfect. There isn't anything you put in the full size staff you can't put in a mid staff bag. Feel free to message me and I can give you my number for any questions. I promise if you get the mid staff your gonna be glad you did! Cheers!
  10. Clint M

    Clint M
    Regina, SK

    Thanks for all of the helpful feedback! I decided on the mid size staff bag (Titleist is embroidering my name on it) pretty pumped to get it.
  11. I’m a new Titleist AP1 owner and loving them. I want a new bag to go with them. I really like the Mid Staff Bag from what I can see in pictures and read. I had been looking at the Deluxe Cart Bag until I stumbled onto this. I love the small handle that helps in moving the bag around which seems to be disappearing from other bags in favor of a couple of “collar” handles which seem awkward.
    Aside from your name... is getting the flag put on your bag just another one of the options? Is the TT logo also just another option or are there any specific requirements to having that too? Thanks!
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