Golf bag white part turning yellow

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By CarlosSirias

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  1. I have a StandBag 14 way divider Navy/White/Blue best bag ever... but white part started turning yellow (sun maybe) not dirt as I always clean it.

    I love this bag but tried to clean it with "tuff stuff" and it made things worst more yellow on white... tried dish soap but no good... what can I do?

  2. Did you every hear anything about this? This is happening to my white bag that I just bought in 2021
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I would recommend taking it back to where you purchased it with your receipt. Titleist bags have a one year manufacturing warranty. Sounds like it is within the one period.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I will certainly do that - luckly it was Golf Galaxy. It's the craziest thing. The yellow tinting is literally all over the bag near edges/seams.

    I had a TM bag for 7 years and never once did it get this dis-colorization.
  5. Did you spray your bag with anything like scotchguard or to waterproof? I've seen golf bags that are white/have white sections turn yellow after applying these types of products.
  6. I have pressure washed my white bags in the past with great success. Just be careful not to get too close with high pressure.
  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Two colors or bags that I personally avoid. White and red. They both fade in the sun in the southern states. Red turns a shade of pink and white turns yellow. I go with black golf bags and have for many years. Kurt has made to great point about spraying aftermarket products on new bags. That surely would void any warranty.
  8. Same. My 2019 4+ is yellow on the edges and seams. Very disappointing. Will never buy a white bag again.
  9. play18

    Aurora, IL

    My 2018 Players 4 USA bag's white panel ball pocket yellowed over summer, too. I found the same model and pretreated the entire bag with Scotchguard. I use the treated bag on special occasions (4th of July, Veterans, Ryder Cup), which is not yellowed. I recommend treating new golf bags with Scotchguard and make it an annual ritual.

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