Cooler pockets/sleeves for golf bags

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By Scott Golightly

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    I was wondering if there are any highly recommended cooler sleeves/bags that will fit inside a golf bag, preferably purpose-built. Would be cool if it would hold a can or two, but my main use would be to keep a little yogurt, fruit, grapes, etc cool (course snacks).

    I've been looking into making my own by fabric-welding together patches of the higher quality cooler bags you get at grocery stores, but am curious as to whether there are any commonly available options on the market already.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

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    I would look at getting a soft-sided lunch box sized cooler bag.
  3. Lori E

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    Are you looking for one for beer cans?
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    It'd be cool if it did, but my priority is finding something streamlined that I can use to keep yogurts, fruit, chocolate almond, etc cold/keep them from melting.

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