Out with old and in with the new!

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By Davesong

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  1. Davesong
    annandale, va

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    So this past December I finally retired my Titleist bag of 12 years (2006), "low rider" as my self proclaimed, highly educated buddies would refer to it as, why? because of how it would sit/stand. Regardless of "man-child" like ribbing my bag and I would have to be subject to at times, I love this bag (pictured on the left). Ol reliable, remember the first time I took it out, it was my source of comfort, the silent caddie (not sure what that really means), but I think you get the point. BUT I have to admit, replacing it with a brand new Titleist staff stand bag makes the transition much easier. My wife of 10+ glorious years and the mother to my 3 beautiful kiddos, had the nerve to ask me, "Don't you want something else besides Titleist?"...... Her words not mine, she said I've never had such a look of disappointment on my face :)... And you think you know someone?! Either way, great job Titleist, love the new bag, and looking forward to the next 16 years. To make things right and ease my disappointment, I picked up a new 917 F2 - 16.5....... and now, all is right in my house hold. If you're on the fence or even not on the fence, do yourself a favor and at least demo one, IMHO, by far the best FW made in a looooonnngggg time by any mfg. Before, I was considering the 915F, great club in its own right, but had my doubts b/c till now I've been gaming my trusty 906 F2, it's a club that was in the bag before "the bag", but NOT NO MORE! All joking aside, the 917 FW are a beautiful piece of crafted art work, love the gray (reminds me of the 905R), and the way it sits behind the ball (typical Titleist), but the way it feels and gets through the ball is something else. Not sure what "it" reminds me of, but its definitely something good. If you've haven't already, please give yourself the chance and take a few swing with it. It could be a game changer.......

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  2. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    Nice post! Love the new bag, thinking of picking one up myself but we'll see.. Have to see it first... And thanks for the review on the 917FW.. May have to give that a try during one of the Titleist Thursday's...
  3. aaron c
    oceanside, CA

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    I love the new staff stand bag. My favorite Titleist bag by far

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