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By Stephen R

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  1. Just purchased a set of AP3 irons and the Titleist cart bag. Now I would like to know how to purchase a Team Titleist towel for my bag an a Team Titleist t shirt to show my support. Thanks

  2. Yeah I think if they offered stuff with Titleist on it like t-shirts, hoodies, or even FJ stuff with Titleist script or both Titleist and TT on it they'd sellout.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    They do not market TT items. Occasionally give away items and some things are available at TT events like the annual golf invitational.
  4. Keep being active on the discussions ! that's the way !!!
  5. Thanks I will do just that.
  6. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    You can get a bag tag if you do the loyalty ball promotion
  7. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    You could have the TT logo put on your bag I believe. I have seen some that way.
  8. Zangetsu


    I have seen some photo's of that online too, however never managed to find out how it was done.
  9. Paul C

    Paul C

    Ask your local Titleist authorised dealer when placing the order for your new bag and they can arrange for it to be done.
    It can't be added to an existing bag however only new ones, by that I mean you can't return it to Titleist to have it added.
    They do look really smart though!!

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