staydry - 4up or 4?

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By Mike G

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  1. Mike G

    Mike G
    Briarcliff Manor, NY

    Can anyone tell me the main differences between these two bags? im replacing a sun mtn 3.5 , and im looking at these two. I really like the orange of the 4up, but dont understand what the differences in these two bags are.

  2. The 4up is lighter I think and has fewer pockets ect.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    4UP’s are their waterproof options. The material is different and all the zippers are waterproof on all the pockets.
  4. I think the 4UP is lighter, has a smaller top cuff as well. And the pockets are set up differently (the reason I went with it instead of the Player's 4 Stadry). The side pockets seem to be more parallel to the spine of the bag than on the Players 4 Stadry and I just liked that look better. I do think the Player's 4 Stadry would be easier for a full set of clubs all though I have no problem getting 14 clubs into the 4UP it can be a bit tight getting clubs in and out. I got the 'charcoal/blossom' as well...looks good if you ask me.

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