Not pleased with the players 4 stand up bag

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  1. I have my rangefinder on a carabiner hooked to the hook on bag that has a retractable hook on it, my rangefinder has fallen off 4 times in 1 round.

    The middle sliding piece strap fell out 3 times during 1 round as well.

    I have read about both of these issues on this forum but no resolution.

    I love the look of the bag but these issues make it unusable.

  2. Curious how many other folks are having similar issues? Getting ready to pull the trigger on one of these bags, but I may have to go another direction if this is a persistent problem.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Reid F. said:

    Curious how many other folks are having similar issues? Getting ready to pull the trigger on one of these bags, but I may have to go another direction if this is a persistent problem.

    I have had no issues with my bag. Walk 9 Holes 4-5 times a week with it for the past 6 months.
  4. Rick S

    Rick S
    Freeburg, IL

    Not the same as your problem, but recently had a plastic shoulder strap clip break, rendering it useless as a carry bag. Less than a year old, fortunately Titleist replaced the bag without question. (No way to replace just the clip.)

    Really a bad design flaw in an otherwise sturdy bag.
  5. I love everything about this bag, except for the clip, I am afraid to put my stuff on because it keeps falling off. Would love to hear a solution for this problem.
  6. My issues are with the legs, the tend to hang down when walking
  7. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Dr O said:

    My issues are with the legs, the tend to hang down when walking

    Dr O, there is a band on the leg wires. Push it up and it will tighten the legs and should keep them from drooping.
  8. I have had issues with the stay dry version. The zips have been changed and the home cover is not their. This results in water getting in through a small gap at the top of the zip. Titleist have swapped my bag to a trolley version that has the zip cover, tested in the rain no leek.
  9. JayBee


    Hey M,
    I just got myself a 18' Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag and have been gaming it a ton the past month. I know the hook you're talking about but I haven't run into issues with it yet...but i believe i have a fix for you M. So What i've been doing is sliding my Bushnell right into the two netted compartments in the bottom zipper pocket (below the sharpie holder). It really fits perfectly in those two netting compartment in that bottom pocket & stays secured... a quick zip and i got my yardage and back in it goes to the bag*safe an sound*...

    So coming from having the 2016 Titleist Tour Staff Stand Bag... i loved it, even though it was a bit bulky for a walker like myself. It brings loads of comfort and lumbar support (unlike the Player4). So i got the Players 4 Bag and it's SOO much lighter and you can tell there is loads of engineering and R&D put into all the 2018 BAGS!! Titleist really made this bag for the HOOFER or WALKERS that enjoy a stylish, compact, convenient, lightweight bag but offers tons of capabilities into. especially compared to some of the older TITLEIST stand bags from years past!
    This new bag is packed loaded and built around the grinding golfer, its fully loaded from everything from the technology hinging stand up leg system, ultra lightweight with plenty of pockets, the STADRY water repellent material that its made out of & also the water resistant zipper on the valuables compartment!!!(much like the STADRY 4UP bag) I really felt like i've put this Bad boy to the test with the 20+ ROUNDS so far... i've played now in multiple down pouring drenched wet rounds the past month and the water just repels off the bag like if it was GORE-TEK! beads up and just falls right off, and everything inside my bag was completely dry! incredible work and design Team Titleist!!! I'm very impressed and love the comfortable designed comfy hold/pick up lever on bag!

    The only complain i would have is maybe the padding for comfort on lower back, and shoulder straps, but really aren't too bad but the plastic piece is quite annoying always falling apart and having to thread back the strap into the clips where the straps criss cross when walking 18+ holes,
  10. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    I have one and I have to agree the hook on the bag is not very stable, IMO.. The bag is fantastic, small, lightweight and easy to carry but that circle hook is not the greatest design..

    What I've done is basically duck tape the circle hook and use mountain climber hooks to latch onto.. That seems to work better. Hopefully they correct it with the next release..
  11. I purchased the players 4 carry bag about 12 months ago, as titleist bags are usually the bees knees. Today whist playing golf the strap snapped.The plastic fitting that is attached to the bag had broken. This now basically makes the bag useless as the strap can not be used to carry the bag. I have noticed another member has complained of the same problem.Obviously this has to be a weakness as I only use the bag in winter, once a week.Basically £120 wasted. Is there a history of this.
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  12. David,
    Don't have this bag myself but it seems a shame to bin it straight off.
    If you took off the broken plastic element, would a small metal carribiner from an Outdoor/Camping supplier fit the loop? If so, could it be attached through the webbing on the strap to form a cheap and sturdy repair?


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