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By Ben T

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just recently sold my png 14 way hoofer as my oversize grips would be a huge pain getting in and out of the bag. I have done a lot of research and it seems to be a problem with a lot of bags as they don't truly have full length individual dividers. Does Titleist carry any bags that have TRUE full length dividers?

    I bought a clip for my fatso putter, to keep on the outside of my bag if need be. HELP!


  2. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    My bags (Staff mid, Staff Stand, and 4up), are all a couple or few years old, and they have the dividers but not individually for all slots, but for the 3 main compartments, top, middle and bottom. Go to a quality store or green grass shop and check them out and you can see what you like the best and what they have for dividers
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    It's a problem that all the manufacturers seem to ignore and those with mid/oversize iron and putter grips will suffer from. I have the Cart Midsize an the putter and wedges are always getting jammed together.....

    If you find a solution let us know!


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