Gear Spotlight: The New Players 4 Plus Stand Bag

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By Rick V., Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Hi, everybody.

    What a busy winter it's been for the Titleist Gear team. A new Green Out Collection, new Custom Gear options, not to mention brand new additions to the Titleist Hat and Golf Bag lineups!

    Speaking of which, have you had a chance to check out the new 2019 Players Collection and Hybrid golf bags that we launched on February 1st? Our design team worked closely with Team Titleist members to develop these new products and they're very eager to hear your thoughts on the final results.

    Please hit "reply" and share your feedback if you're gaming a new Players 4, Players 4 Plus, Players 4 StaDry, Hybrid 14 or Hybrid 5 golf bag.

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    We wanted to dive deeper into the new models, so we sat down with Sean Slater, Golf Gear Product Manager for Titleist, who told us about the creation and inspiration behind the new Hybrid and Players Collection bags, starting with the Players 4 Plus stand bag. (Check out the video above for an overview of Players 4 Plus features and benefits.)

    TT: Please share the story behind the new Players Collection stand bags.

    SEAN SLATER: When we set out to develop the Players Collection, we did a lot of research with Team Titleist members and other dedicated golfers who walk most of their rounds. There is definitely a trend towards smaller, lighter weight bags and our initial focus was to develop a lightweight bag without sacrificing durability or storage. What we discovered, through working with golfers, was that there was not a one-size-fits-all solution for lightweight bags. We realized we had to take it one step further to ensure we had a lightweight solution for different types of players.

    Our response to that design challenge is a collection of three stand bags, the Players 4, Players 4 Plus and our Players 4 StaDry, which features our waterproof materials and seam-sealed construction. All three models feature a 4-way top cuff divider for club organization, which is why we use the number "4" in each model name.

    TT: Let's talk about the Players 4 Plus stand bag. What type of player did you design this bag for?

    SS: During golfer research, we came across a lot of players who were looking for a slightly larger bag. These players may carry a few extra items in their bag and can benefit from slightly larger storage pockets. Or, they may appreciate a larger top cuff opening when they're pulling or returning their clubs from the bag. That's where the idea for the Players 4 Plus came from.

    TT: How much bigger is the Players 4 Plus than the Players 4?

    SS: When we were creating the Players 4 Plus, we took many of the lightweight elements from the Players 4 and were able to include some additional size and storage. The Players 4 Plus offers about 7% more storage than Players 4. The top cuff is 9% larger. But the bag is still very light and easy to carry - only 4.3 pounds compared to 3.8 pounds for the ultralight Players 4.

    TT: Finally, are there any other features or improvements that were inspired by the feedback you received from Team Titleist members and dedicated golfers?

    SS: There are several new features in the Players Collection that evolved, thanks to the player feedback we received, throughout the testing and development process. For example, all of our Players Collection bags feature a full length apparel pocket. This was a result from feedback we received from many of our testers. The full length pocket provided them with more usable space when walking and a preferred traditional style.

    We've also improved our hardware by using a new, intuitive clip system made from an ultra-durable material - similar to what you might find on a backpack. Golfers also told us that they preferred prototype bag models that used thicker padding in the carry straps. So, all Players Collection bags are now outfitted with redesigned dual density bag strap padding. The new padding system provides additional comfort and lasts longer than some traditional foams or pads that are used in the market.

    So yes, golfers have been a huge help from our early conceptions all the way to the final Players Collection designs. And chief among those golfers are the many Team Titleist members who shared their experiences and provided feedback throughout the process. Our goal is to make the highest quality and best performing golf bags in the industry. At Titleist, we are lucky to have a community of golfing experts who help guide us toward that goal. A big thank you to them from the Titleist Gear Team!

    • • •

    Thanks, Sean!

    Check back soon as we'll be shining the spotlight on additional new Hybrid and Players Collection stand bags.


  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Loving my new 4+ bag. I walk a lot so the smaller size is great. I also like the big side pocket zipper going back to the top instead of across the middle of the pocket. The new snaps for the removable shoulder straps should be more durable too. Looks and performs great.
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  3. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    Nice bag there Dale. Enjoy it!!!
  4. Nice one Dale,
    Looks the business and very functional - my bag looks bulky around the side pocket by comparison.
    You seem to have club organisation down to a fine art.

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