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By Mike r

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  1. Mike r

    Mike r
    Amherst, OH

    I have a new bag coming with the TT logo on the ball pouch and I need to step up my head-cover game. What do you all have and suggest. Thanks

  2. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Cru if leather is your thing and Piedmont or Patrick Gibbons if exotic skins are you thing.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Click on "Gear" on this site , under "Accessories" and there are some awesome Titleist "Leather Head covers". They should go well with your new bag. Here is one example that might work for you.
    Post Image
  4. JEFF R

    JEFF R
    Canton, GA

    I have a Hybrid 5 bag with TT logo on the ball pocket, but my headcovers are from courses I've played. Driver is my home course, 3 wood is Pinehurst #2, 3h is Palmetto golf club, and 5h is HarbourTown.
  5. Check out Seamus Golf Co. Lots of cool head covers (and ball markers, bag tags, pouches, etc.)

  6. I saw a used Team Titleist white driver headcover last week on eBay. Looked real nice but went for silly money in the end.

    Would of looked great in you're new TT bag.

  7. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    I went with CruGolf custom covers to replicate the bags Oklahoma State used in the 2018 Match play final against Alabama.
    Post Image
  8. Garry B.

    Garry B.
    Houston, TX

    That's an awesome headcover.
  9. Ichabod

    Nacogdoches, Texas

    I’ve always been partial to the knitted pom top covers, especially in argyle.
    Post Image
  10. Andrew S

    Andrew S
    West Michigan

    You cannot go wrong with titleist head covers. Rarely am I wowed by their equipment because I have just come to expect a very high end product line but wow. The head covers are extremely well made with thick leather. I have owned head covers from stitch, rose and fire, and Seamus. Not one holds a candle to titleist head covers. Try the black noir so I can vicariously live through you.
    Post Image
  11. I was lucky to get one of these and they really look the part. Rory McIlroy headcover is another favourite of mine.
    Post Image
  12. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    Gotta agree with Chuck and Andrew on the Titleist Head Covers. Not cheap $ wise, but you'll never need any more.
  13. Joey L

    Joey L
    Foster City

    Without question go with Titleist. Not sure how you can be a loyal TT member on this site and recommend anything but Titleist. After that go with any of their leather covers. They are all very high quality and look great.
    Post Image
  14. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    Respectfully disagree, please see above. Haha!
  15. I am with Jeff R. I do love the look of the Titleist head covers, however I have always liked headcovers that mean something to me. Driver- UGA mascot, 3w- Masters, hybrid- Ocean Course (Kiawah), putter- my home course. Bag and headcovers should be unique to you. Have fun with it
  16. Eric L

    Eric L
    Medway, MA

    I'm all about the animal head covers. I have a dog so I got a head cover to match him.
  17. Rooster

    West Wareham, MA

    I have Titleist headcovers, sunfishgolf knitted and "rooster" headcover. Even have some stealth headcovers. All comes down to personal taste. Now if Titleist would only make some putter covers ( like one's that have Titleist on them, or Team Titleist) that we can purchase like their wood's covers. Scotty Cameron covers are great but would be nice for more options that we can actually get our hands on.

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