Titleist Club 14 cart bag problem

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By Stephan Smits

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  1. Hi all,

    I use a Titleist Club 14 cart bag now for 1.5 years now. I have one major problem with the bag. The bag falls over to the front every time. I tried everything with arranging clubs and gear, but nothing helps. When falling over it hit and damaged my car, it damaged the tile floor and damaged my clubs as well. Only when the bag is completly empty it stands on its own. Since in this model the pockets are all "player-faced" as Titleist says and that the bag is completely flat in the back, I think it's a design flaw of this bag. My previous Ogio bag never had that problem. The 2019 Titleist cart bags are yet from a diffirent design (back to the old design a bit).

    Are there any TT members with the same problem? What do yout think Titleist should do?

  2. Really? No reactions at all? What a community is this … bravo!
  3. Stephan,
    I have the same bag as you. Honestly, I have never had mine fall over while sitting on a flat surface.
  4. John,

    thanks for your answer.
  5. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    You post and expect someone to respond right away and then say, "What a community is this … bravo!" Really?!" We all have lives and respond when when have time. Also responses are moderator approved.

    With regards to your post...I have the same bag and never have that issue as long as it's flat ground. If it's not flat ground then I make sure to face the ball pocket uphill. If it's falling over while on flat ground you may have too much stuff in the pockets.
  6. Hi Darron,

    I guess you are right .. . sorry if I offended you (or anybody else).
    And thanks for your answer.
  7. I got a mail today from Titleist Holland for some additional info and to find a solution. That alone is great. I hope it works out well...
  8. Never a problem with mine. Cannot believe it damaged all the that,
  9. They should buy you a new car, house and clubs. Wow!! What do you want? Maybe get ahold of your Rep. Out of warranty. Have the same bag and not one problem. Have you contacted Titleist instead of bashing us? They have the best customer service!!
  10. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Before berating the members of TT, who are customers and Titleist loyalists like yourself, I would like to ask you.
    Have you taken the obvious first step and contacted Titleist customer service? If I have a problem with a product, there is normally where I start. With respect. Honestly, dude, give the site a chance, as stated these posts have to be moderated and I am proud of that. This is not facebook. I used the cart bags for a number of years prior to to changing to the midsize staff bag and never had an issue with them.
  11. Hi all,

    my excuses to all of you for my message from Nov. 12th... it was misplaced and it was not my intention to offend anyone.

    I was just on a search if anyone experienced the same problems with the bag as I have. I was dissapointed in the fact that nobody reacted in a month's time...
  12. Allan


    Team Titleist Staff
    No worries, Stephan! I'm sure this was extremely frustrating for you and we apologize for the inconvenience. Glad our team in Holland has reached out to help find a solution. Best of luck!
  13. Thanks, Allan.
  14. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    No worries, I've had posts before never get a response. It happens. Did you get this resolved and if so what happened?
  15. JSmith

    Charlotte, NC

    Sorry you had issues, I hope you find and amicable solution.

  16. I guess I look at it as a "cart" bag. If you want a bag that stands up, wouldn't you want a "stand" bag? While I understand that you don't want to lay the bag down or prop it on something to keep it upright, saying that it falls down every time you try to stand it up, aren't you asking the bag to do something that it wasn't intended to do? And if you know this after it fell the fist time, did you expect a different result the second time you tried to stand it up? Then the To call it a design flaw? A zipper that fails, a strap that brakes or a bottom that falls off would be a design flaw.

  17. Leave it in the car till you have your trolly or cart ready.

    Have a nice day

  18. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    That’s why I use the Mid-size Staff Bag. It fits on my push cart and on a riding cart all the same. I put my infrequently used items inside the back section. I don’t need everything facing forward. For me, “problem” solved.
  19. Eric C

    Eric C

    I have this bag and it does fall forward. A lot. It has fallen in the parking lot at the range while changing shoes. It will fall forward with no clubs in the bag when I clean clubs , it teeters depending on how many golf balls are in the ball pocket. It is definitely forward biased, the front pocket structure being cantilevered from the club tube structure. This is my third Titleist 14 club divided cart bag, a 2016 lightweight, a 2017 deluxe, and this 2018 club 14. The 2018 is the only one that does this.
  20. Hi Eric,

    that's interesting. I too carry some balls in the pocket.... like 9 of so… and a spare glove. With all the pockets forward biased there's no "counterweight" on the bag.
    Thanks for your answer.
  21. I have that bag and have the same problem. If I'm at the driving range or putting my shoes on, I have to lay it down or find something to prop it against. My next bag will be something different, either a stand bag or mid-size.

  22. Joey L

    Joey L
    Foster City

    I had a similar issue with the last model 14 cart bag. When placed on a flat surface it would lean and fall to the 1-2 o’clock position. It was frustrating because before or after a round my bag would fall on the parking lot surface as I was getting ready to place it on my cart, or I’d find it in the ground in my garage.
    It seems that the “stack” of the bag near the base weakened and that’s what caused the issue.

    My new bag tends to lean forward, but so far on a flat surface it holds up. All bags should be able to stand properly if they have a base regardless of them being a cart or carry bag.
  23. Stephan, I have the same problem as well. I noticed some other newer style Titleist 14 way bags in the pro shop and they seem to have more rigid stiffners in the sides of the bag. I am considering changing and purchasing a new bag due to this problem. I actually placed pressure on the top ring of bag unloaded and it will twist slightly. The newer bag in the pro shop did not. Hope this helps.
  24. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    For the record, a few years back, I mentioned on these TT forums that my 2014 cart bag leaned a little to one side when empty, and always did right from the first day I got it. Maybe an inch, max, one side of center. Not much at all, but definitely not squared up while standing, which aesthetically, bothered my OCD mind a little. It never fell over when I stood it up outside, except in wind or uneven surfaces. Being a lightweight cart bag, designed to ride strapped in, I didn't expect it to stand on its own on anything other than a level surface with no outside forces to push it one way or another. In any case, after playing a full season with it, I happened to comment on it in these forums. Titleist asked me to send it in (through a dealer) so they could take a look at it. They determined that there was some sort of minor structural flaw and I received a brand new bag straight away. No questions asked.

    Titleist customer service is the best in my opinion. Every company has quality control issues here or there with the millions of products they each have out in the world. But, Titleist always does the right thing if the issue is a result of something on their end, even if it's only questionable. My problem wasn't that bad. But, when Titleist heard about it, THEY asked me to send it in. THAT is just one reason why, I play only Titleist from top to bottom of my bag, including my bag itself and every ball inside it. That is also why Titleist has been #1 in this industry for as long as it has. Great products, great people, great service.

    As an aside, I am considering the new 2020 Titleist Mid-staff bag after logging 350-400 rounds on my first one (the 2018 mid-staff version) over the past two years. If you always use a cart anyway (either powered or push type), it is a great alternative to a cart bag. It certainly won't be falling over so easily. (I also use a Titleist stand bag when I carry, or on days I am working around our practice facility, since carting around my fully-loaded Mid-staff takes a bit more energy.)
  25. richard f

    richard f

    I’ve never had a problem with mine standing and our golf club car park is slightly on a bank too
  26. Hi all,
    here's an update.
    Titleist sent my problem to Acushnet in The Netherlands and they contacted me. Spoke to Geert from customer service and sent some pictures. Titleist replaced the bag with a brand new one (the 2019 Stadry Cart bag). That's just awesome!
    On the first look this bag is more sturdy and stabile. In 2020 I will truely find out if this bag does the job … but I'm confident it will.
    Thanks again Titleist for the great service!
  27. Eric C

    Eric C

    Good job Titleist taking care of Stephan. I actually love the bag except for the tipping. I also love the magnetic closure on the top pocket, please use this feature more going foward.
  28. I will reply and make final statement on this topic

    Everyone Is upset at the gentleman for explaining the issue of the product

    And said what happens and the damage

    He did not ask for a Refund and he did not ask anybody in the chat for anything free he simply asked how do you guys think about the back but use are a bunch of pussies and is sore and is picking a strawman argument upset at the gentleman for axing something and I have to agree with him the bag of *** keeps falling in a damaged a lot of my stuff

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