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By GPeoples

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  1. Hey guys, I’m looking to upgrade bags this year from my old Ogio. I’m torn between the Hybrid 5 and Hybrid 14. I mostly ride when playing but want the stand for the range and practice greens. I have also looked at the Sun Mountain LS4.5 but think that I want to be loyal to Titleist. Any advice you guys have would be appreciated!

  2. I’m a huge hybrid 5 guy...won’t be disappointed
  3. Thanks for the advice! Have you ever had issues with grips tangling when putting the clubs back in or pulling them out?
  4. David B

    David B
    Marshfield, MA

    I have the Hybrid 14 and love it, has great storage and the 14 divider top helps me keep my clubs organized throughout my rounds.
  5. Gsoup


    I've always had the 14 way dividers. I went with the Hybrid 14 and love it.
  6. I have they hybrid 5 and I love it
  7. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I hate 14 way dividers. Hybrid 5 all the way.
  8. RST


    How do you guys arrange your clubs in your Hybrid 5? I bought one recently, but am struggling to find the right layout coming from the 14-way.
  9. Picked up a hybrid 5 in February, no complaints, I have walked with it, I have rode with it. No real issues with clubs getting tangled by the grips. I had a 14 way before and I prefer the hybrid 5, gives the clubs a better look in my opinion.

    Also if you're interested you can have the Team Titleist logo embroidered on the ball pocket, just talk to your local pro shop they can special order it for you.
  10. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    I dont think its necessary for the 14 slot clubs. It doesn't prevent the clubs from clanking together or anything. Its all personal preference but id go with the 5!
  11. mike s

    mike s
    hudson, OH

    Just got the Premium Stand Bag. Bag has four dividers. Suggestions on how to load the clubs, what goes where? Where does Scotty go?

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