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By TWagers

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  1. Hey All,

    In the process of getting new clubs and was wondering if anyone knows more about Pure shafting alignment and if it’s worth the money to get it done when my new clubs are getting made..

    Thanks for any input !

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Here is an article to read that might help you make your decision:

  3. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    I have heard about this method and I would guess the pros all have their shafts pured. In their line of work, they leave very little to chance. A friend of mine (great player) had a fitting and had his shafts pured. He likes it.

    It might be difficult to find someone locally who can perform this. I think it needs a special piece of equipment.
    Someone want to weigh in on this?
  4. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Just heard in person from Titleist staff/employees and shafts are not in need of puring when they come from the building facility.. Save your cash!
  5. Are they saying that puring won't make a difference, or that their shafts are so good that they are 100% symetrical and not in need of puring?
  6. scooterhd


    Not necessary. Modern shafts are really symmetrical. TXG has a good video on pureing and much respect to them because its a service that makes them money, and the results were no difference.
  7. Diego D

    Diego D
    Miami, FL

    I trust the guys from TXG and in the video below, they tested a pured shaft vs a non-pured shaft:


  8. Interesting issue since it's hard to go out and play with clubs that aren't pured, then get them pured and see if there is a difference. Haven't found anyone who's done that yet. I love the TXG guys, but a few flaws in their testing (or they didn't disclose it). They never mention whether the non-pured shaft was tested to see if it was pure to begin with and didn't need puring, thus negating the testing. I was hoping they would have clearly indicated they had two shafts, one was pured, the other was tested and then purposely "un" pured for lack of a better term. the puring has to do with the oscillation of the shaft as I understand it (like rolling pool cues on the table to see where they are out of true). Then, the shaft is set up so the oscillation is set to the ideal spot. So, a shaft can be out of true anywhere from 1 degree to 180 degrees I imagine. I'd like to see a test with one true and one at 180 to see if there is a difference. I'm guessing there would be, but for us mere mortals who cannot hit the same spot on the face every time, or swing the same way every time, it would be barely noticeable...
  9. I've researched this a bit as Club Champion where I just got fitted for a set of irons offers it. My biggest gripe with all the testing I've seen on the internet, including the TXG test, is they compare a pured shaft to a non-pured shaft (2 different shafts). However, a better test would be to have both shafts analyzed, then one pured, and the other set to be out of true 180 degrees...an unpured shaft could be pure by happenstance, or it could be out of true by a few degrees, etc...OR, the best test would be to take the same shaft (not two), and move it around to see how the different setting affect the performance, e.g., out of true by 10 degree increments. No one seems to do that...Besides that, I would gather that the more premium shafts are probably tighter in terms of tolerance, and the lower budget ones less so, but I haven't seen anything to confirm that.

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