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By Wayne H

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  1. Wayne H

    Wayne H
    Bridgewater MA

    I’ve been eying this bag for quite some time and finally saw one in the local pga store. The build quality on this seems really really good. Wish I could have ordered one to have the TT logo embroidered on it, but It has been sold out online for months. Lots of room and the top seems adequate for 14 clubs with midsize grips. I mostly use a clicgear 4 but like the option of a stand bag for loading in and out of the truck, range sessions and the occasional carry. I’ll report back after a few rounds.

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  2. Felipe P

    Felipe P
    Melbourne, VIC

    Happy golfing!

    Congrats, Wayne.
  3. Fred L

    Fred L

    Nice Bag. Good luck
  4. My kids just bought me the same bag. Claimed my old one was "ragged". Love this light weight gem.
  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    If that panel zips off, contact the store where you purchased it and see if they will order you an exact replacement panel with the embroidered TT logo on it. They can contact Titleist for you. That is your best bet. It takes about four to six weeks once it is approved. Make sure you take your sales receipt with you and exact model of the bag.

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