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By MShelton

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  1. First to introduce myself, I am Marty Shelton. A retired Air Force Sergeant, grandfather and great grandfather. I’ve played golf since 1968. Actually played golf when the surf at Virginia Beach was crummy, so we went to Bow Creek Golf Course just to hit balls. And this was also my first introduction to slow play. This didn’t at all look like the matches we all saw on B/W television back then. There had to be a way to combat the waiting and frustration of waiting to play. This promoted an excellent idea for myself…… a Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo. Yeah a yo-yo. It improves my hand eye coordination, and what’s more it draws attention to the slower party ahead of me. No confrontation, no angry words just pull the yo-yo outta the bag and do tricks. More than once I have been approached by slower players asking if this was a gimmick. No just occupying time and keeping my mind focused prior to addressing my turn. It has helped on occasion to let me play through. Other times parties just play to see if I can do tricks with these. Yep, I can. Today I play mainly by myself for various reasons. And I still encounter slower players, but the yo-yos are still in my bag. And I still do my thing. The only trick I have difficulty with on the course is “walking the dog”. Grass clippings gums up the string. And it’s a far better stress release than yelling or planting a well placed shot in the middle of a foursome. I’ve included a photo of the two that travel with me. Slow play no sweat, just hand me the Duncan and we’ll practice a sleeper or two.

    Yours sincerely, Martin P Shelton, TSgt, USAF Retired Player of Courses in SW Iowa

  2. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Hey Marty. Sounds like it works for you. Did you have to get fit for the yoyo or is it just a standard one?
    My buddies and I had a similar idea for slow play. We bought one of those portable trap throwers and planned on bringing our shotguns out, and when we experience slow play we figured we would set it up in the direction of the slow group and get a little trap shooting practice. Sounded like a good plan, but the marshal told us the noise would disturb other players and broken clays would damage the mowers.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Kinda surprised the course will allow singles to go out. Most try to put them with other groups. Singles do play faster than foursomes and prevents a single from being frustrated on the course. Having been a former starter, if by chance I did let a single go out, I would tell them that under no circumstance the could play thru. That yo yo is a good idea to kill time while playing as a single. Cheers. Thanks for your service. USAF SSGT (1965-1971).

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