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By Mark C

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  1. Mark C

    Mark C
    Ottawa KS


    I'd like to see the Team Titleist limited edition gear and accessories be made more available, produce twice or three times as many so you don't run out as fast. Case in point I saw the Team Titleist yardage book cover, and instantly went to buy one and they were sold out. Maybe limit them to one per member then more of us have a chance to get one, and you wont see them on ebay for double the cost

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    I totally agree with limiting the purchase to single items if these merchandise drops continue. I kind of have an unpopular view on these drops anyway. For those of us who spend a significant amount of money to attend a Team Titleist event, and the event provided some nice Team Titleist items in their welcome packages, its a bit discouraging to see those same items pop up for sale a couple of months later in a TT first-come drop. It dilutes the exclusivity of the items that we cherish and associate with a great TT experience each time we use them. If I had my way, the TT Store at the Ball Plant and events would be the only way to get most items with the TT staff doing random mail outs to positive content contributors for the rest. Like I said, I know this is not a popular opinion so no need to bash me for my honesty. I understand the reasons why others would like mega-opportunities for merchandise.
  3. 100% agree with you Dale. Takes away from the excitement of getting something sent you, or going to the events if they are just dropping it all a few weeks later. The allure of TT is that it isn't commercialized or easy to get. I personally feel that I worked hard attending events, contributing, doing focus groups, enjoying the ball plant etc, and treasure what they have sent me. Through this it makes me feel like I belong to an exclusive group of amazing people!! I cherish that much more than being able to buy from a drop.
  4. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    I like the exclusivity of getting the personalized swag at the TTI. Ill jump on Dale's bandwagon, you should have to attend an event to get stuff. That would stop a lot of the begging!
  5. Chris C

    Chris C
    Fairview, OR

    I understand the exclusivity part and agree with it however I live in the Pacific Northwest and attending a titleist event is not an option as there is nothing close to me. That is why I have to rely on the random chance that titleist feels like either sending me something or offering the ability to purchase items which both never seem to happen.
  6. Chris C

    Chris C
    Fairview, OR

    I would love to see more team titleist gear offered especially in the Pacific Northwest region. Being that I live in Oregon it's not feasible for me to get to a ball plant for a tour which is where I hear you can obtain some cool team titleist swag. If any titleist raps read this I would more than welcome the opportunity to obtain some team titleist equipment, accessories, and/or gear if at all possible. In the past I was lucky enough to receive 2 sleeves of prototype balls and would love the opportunito do that again as I enjoy testing them and writing honest reviews for the betterment of development.
  7. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    I travel to play Bandon every year. I have made the trip from Texas, California, and Arizona. Those flights landed in Portland and Eugene. I am sure you can get similar flights out of Oregon to attend TT events or even drive. Every major TT event I have attended has been in another state. I help organize a local event in San Diego but those local events have very few gear giveaways. It's great that you received some test balls, many TT members do not even get that opportunity. You will see several posts for our TT ambassadors reminding everyone that we are not about gear, we are about relationships. Titleist goes not have any plans to make Team Titleist merchandise into a line of business so the current process for getting things is what it is. I understand and share your passion for the brand and hope you will some day join us for a major TT outing. The experience (not the gear) is a memory for a lifetime.


    Let me know if you ever need a 4th for one of these Bandon trips, Dale!
  9. Sean M

    Sean M
    Liberty, MO

    I’ve played in a two (2) TT events. One at American Dunes & one in San Diego. None of the swag that I received at the events compares to the camaraderie that had with the other golfers. Try to get to a TT event I promise you that you will remember it for a lifetime.
  10. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Team Titleist Invitationals are about having fun and renewing relationships. So they throw in some nice swag (which is included in the price of our registration), not even air is free. Have been able to attend two at Pinehurst, one at the Players in Jacksonville and one at Streamsong in Bowling Green, FL. Did not go to Kiawah because I have played the Ocean Course around a dozen times at no cost and I live in Charleston. I work as a volunteer there for PGA events that come to town. Did not go to Whistling Straits or Bandon Dunes because they were walking courses only and that leaves me out. Also went to the Vokey Experience at Pinehurst. Did the very first get together for a TT event in Pinehurst at Pine Needles before the TT Invitationals were offered, which hooked me. Made some lifelong friends there, which have hooked up since in Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach. It is all about choices. Do not complain if you are not prepared to travel at your expense. Like Dale, tell it like it is.
  11. Rob R

    Rob R
    Chicago, IL

    I am also in the same boat as Dale and Todd about the TT merchandise.

  12. Kenny


    Come to Massachusetts and do the tour at Ball Plant 3. There is a pro shop at the end of the tour and they have all the TT gear your hearts desire haha. That being said I’ve received most of my TT stuff from events!
  13. Steven P

    Steven P
    New York,NY

    Just did the ball plant tour, great experience and got some merch except no bag tags.
  14. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    It isn't easy with any of the competitors either. Sorry, I'm not ALL Titleist/FJ anymore. If you know a fitter or a rep you can get an inside view on a lot of stuff. All these companies produce less and less every year, it seems. It's sad that if you're in Japan you have better access than we do, at a cost of course. I've even moved on from the premium shoe lines, as limited production makes them "exclusive". Not better, just harder to get.
  15. Ron T

    Ron T
    Grapevine, TX

    About 10 years ago, I attended a Team Titleist fitting event here in north Texas... I paid to attend, tested new clubs etc. I received a golf shirt, and alignment sticks that are both branded with Team Titleist logos. I haven't been able to attend anything else until tomorrow when I'll play in the Orange County TT day.

    I am hoping to attend an invitational soon, but I cherish the stuff that I have, the stickers and ballmarker I received in the mail, and of course the alignment sticks are awesome and one of a kind if you will.

    I think the exclusivity is what keeps the demand up. It's a great brand, the products are the best in the business, and that's why I am a fan. Not because of the gear, the gear you come across over the years are bonuses associated with memories. The gear is nice, but the memories are priceless.
  16. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    You are going to have a blast at the OC and Tyler is a super guy. Enjoy the outing and hope to see you at more of them in the future. Safe travels!
  17. Does anyone have any information on the Team Titleist Tribute event on the site scheduled for early June in Michigan. I want to sign up for it but it is literally the only event that doesn't have a sign up. I have been a TT member for a very long time but have yet to receive any swag. I would love to attend this event and see what all the excitement is about regarding TT events.
  18. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    RBall said:

    Does anyone have any information on the Team Titleist Tribute event on the site scheduled for early June in Michigan. I want to sign up for it but it is literally the only event that doesn't have a sign up. I have been a TT member for a very long time but have yet to receive any swag. I would love to attend this event and see what all the excitement is about regarding TT events.

    It did have a sign up but sold out quickly and a long waiting list exists so they don't keep an open link for registration. Good news is that this event was held last year and a repeat this year could mean a continuation of this event annually. No guarantee that will happen but it is possible. If so, keep an eye out early next year for possible information to attend. While there is a small welcome gift package for attendees, the focus of this one is helping Folds of Honor with donations and making it available for mostly veterans to attend.
  19. Interesting subject for sure. I can see those that spend high end $ for events should get, or have access to, unique gear. With this I'm not in a position to take a random vacation (for me) to a ball plant or a TT event as I reserve spending monies for funding kids' college funds and family vacations (and my family doesn't want to vacation at a ball plant).

    I've played Titleist everything my whole life and like to rep the brand always. Maybe there could be secondary items for guys like me and reserve the upper end swag for those that can/do attend events?
  20. Hello everyone ! Im looking the find or simply buy titleist team gear like tee, ball marker etc. I couldnt foud that anywhere and im so sad. A month ago, i send a Email to Titleist whit picture ok my bag and all my titleist stop and ask im if i can get a Bagtag because im from Canada Quebec and theres no event near than my place. Good news they ship me the Bagtag and i reiceived it last week ! Do my questions is, how can i get, found or buy all the tt stuff ?

    Sorry for my english im a canadian frenchies but a proud titleist Fan !

    Thanks a lot
  21. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Go to events in Canada and you will receive some welcome gift items or watch for info on item availability on the Canada forum page. Nothing in the USA is shipped outside the continental United States so things you see available or sweepstakes on the USA site are not open to anyone outside the 50 states.

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