Titleist Hats - Players Performance v. StaSoft

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By KPTomich

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  1. KPTomich

    Woodridge, IL

    Hi Everyone!

    Looking to stock-up on Titleist gear for the upcoming season.

    In reviewing options for hat styles, I wanted to solicit feedback on the difference between Titleist Players Performance hats and Titleist StaCool Hats.

    As an example within the uploaded picture, the 2023 Shamrock Special Edition offers Men's hats in two styles - Players Performance and StaCool on the Montauk Breezer.

    I've always worn the Players Performance hat and have loved its feel and fit.

    However, I migrate to a few Titleist breathable mesh back hats when the summer is most humid. An example would be the mesh back on the Monterey fitted.

    Wanted to see if any fellow Team Titleist members could share their experience with StaCool hats and whether you prefer one style to the other, especially in the heat of the summer.

    Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks for sharing your option.

    Best, Kevin

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  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    I like any and all of the Titleist hats that use these modern materials. The cotton hats get sweat stains quickly and after washing, never look very good anymore. The players performance, ace, breezer, and other models that are polyester materials can wash up easily and they look good longer. Try washing in cold water and air dry as the threads on some models are cotton and will shrink up under heat and cause the hat to look a bit untidy.
  3. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith
    Charlotte, NC

    I cannot really compare the two styles, but as Dale said, you can’t go wrong with any of the polyester options. All of the hats I have are the players performance and they are the best hats I have ever had. They are cool in the heat, do not fade, are durable and keep their shape.
  4. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Gotta say that Players Performance hat with the shamrock looks pretty cool. Personally I think the other design doesn't stand out as much. With my age increasing, my vision is decreasing so the big Titleist logo looks better, and when the beverage cart gal sees me coming she can recognize it easier so I get premium service!!!
  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I can get a comfortable fit in the Players Performance or Tour Elite styles. I need the XL/XXL or size 8. When it is hot and humid down here in the south, it is the Tour and Charleston Aussie hats. They keep me comfortable and my dermatologist happy. My buddy just had surgery for melanoma on his left cheek from the Charleston sun. Fortunately he is now cancer free.
  6. I prefer the Tour Sport's Mesh hat (I have it in white, black, navy, gray, and charcoal), love the mesh back which keeps it cool and it's a fully structured hat that looks better on my big head lol. Just bought my first Tour Elite hat, it's a tad less structured, but still fits well, and love the charcoal font on the black hat.
  7. KPTomich

    Woodridge, IL

    Thanks to everyone for their perspective. Given my past success with the Players Performance, I purchased that one. Looking forward to spreading some “good luck” with it this season on the course.
  8. T. D. P

    T. D. P
    Ashburn, VA

    I put the performance hats in the dishwasher when they get too salty. FootJoy hats, too. Come out looking new.

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